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Column Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed Plant hazard

[Column] The one thing I can do.

The dog wasn’t there. I looked for him but couldn’t find anywhere. He just disappeared. When I saw him, he was always laying huddled beside the building. His body was


CEPCO prepares for the restart of Hamaoka nuclear plant by December

CEPCO (Chubu electric power company) is planning to restart Hamaoka nuclear plant by this December. Hamaoka nuclear plant is in Shizuoka prefecture, 200km from Tokyo. 大きな地図で見る They are building the


Breaking News: M6.0 just under Hamaoka nuc plants.

“M6 just under Hamaoka nuc plants” 14:30 They detected 10Sv/h in Fukushima plants.One of the workers were exposed to 4mSv/h.Mr Koide assumes nuclear waste is exposed outside ,which was blasted