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M5.0 earthquake hit Fukushima offshore

M5.0 hit Fukushima offshore at 16:35 of 8/29/2014 (JST), according to Japan Meteorological Agency. The maximum seismic intensity in Fukushima prefecture was 3.  At this moment, the plant status hasn’t


Still 175 μSv/h measured in Hamadori Fukushima

  170 ~ 180 μSv/h is still measured in Hamadori area in Fukushima prefecture. A Fukushima watcher posted this on Youtube. The video was taken on 5/12/2014.   Two of

Natural disasters

M5.2 and M3.2 hit Fukushima nuclear plant

On 7/23/2013, two major quakes hit Fukushima nuclear plant. Tepco hasn’t announced any abnormality in the plant. At 12:02 JST 23 Jul 2013 M5.2, at 13:47 JST 23 Jul 2013


[Video] Over 200 μSv/h on the ground

On 6/22/2013, a radiation measurement video was posted on Youtube. The location is assumed to be “Hamadori” the coastal area of Fukushima prefecture, where Fukushima nuclear plant is located. The

Natural disasters

[Earthquake] Scale 5 only in Fukushima, but not listed in USGS series.

At 18:56 of 8/12/2012 (JST), M4.2 hit Fukushima. However, scale 5- was observed only in Nakadori Fukushima, where is about 55km from Fukushima plant. It was scale 1~ 2 in