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Contaminated water crisis

[Photo] So-called U-shaped gutter where the leaked water flowed looks like a natural stream

About 300m3 leakage, the main part of the leaked water is assumed to have flown to the near “U-shaped gutter”. On 8/26/2013, Tepco released the photo of the so-called U-shaped


19,000 Bq/Kg from the drain of balcony in Setagaya Tokyo, May 2013

  On 6/6/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “18,756 Bq/kg of Cs-134/137 measured from the mud in street gutter in Setagaya Tokyo [URL]” From the detailed report of CRMS (Citizen’s Radioactivity Measuring


18,756 Bq/kg of Cs-134/137 measured from the mud in street gutter in Setagaya Tokyo

A citizens’ radiation laboratory CRMS (Citizen’s Radioactivity Measuring Station) reported they measured 18,756 Bq/kg of Cs-134/137 from mud in a street gutter in Fukasawa Setagaya Tokyo. CRMS stated they need


(Not radiation effect) [Express] “Radiation level jumped up beside the deformed dandelion”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. Fukushima Diary believes all kinds of deformation absolutely have nothing to do with radiation. <Translate> An extraordinarily deformed dandelion is growing very

Domestic and global Environment

Don’t touch moss in Hachioji Tokyo (4,370 Bq/Kg)

Citizen’s radiation monitoring group [Link] in Hachioji measured high level of cesium from moss. The sample was taken in Tatemachi Hachioji city Tokyo (May 2012). It was 154g of moss


Elementary school to have students clean the pool gutter

Following up this article..Safety limit of swimming class is 1μSv/h in Sukagawa city Fukushima Ishinomaki elementary school in Miyagi had their students clean around the pool on 6/8/2012. Debris from


14,210 Bq/Kg of cesium beside school in Chiba

  Noda city Chiba measured 14,210 Bq/Kg and 8,650 Bq/Kg of cesium from soil taken in street gutters beside schools, announced on 4/24/2012. On 4/17/2012, Noda city took samples from