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[Express] Greenpeace “Don’t let HITACHI walk away from Fukushima disaster”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> Greenpeace in Germany protested against HITACHI to make them take their responsibility for Fukushima. <End> @hanayuuドイツグリ-ンピ-ス,日本の日立企業を抗議!福島の責任を果たせと抗議集会をしました!twitter.com/radio_duisburg… — emi kiyomizuさん (@kiyomizu5)


Japanese not allowed to get on a bus on the grounds that “people from Tokyo are contaminated”

<Quote> [Link] By KAMOME FUJIMORI / Staff Writer Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic bid organizers were hoping that the international community would rally around the bid in a show of solidarity as