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[Video] Still 4.8 μSv/h measured in a park of Fukushima city

On 5/12/2015, a citizen reported the radiation level is still extremely high in Fukushima city. The person took a radiation measurement video in a park “Hanamiyama park” of Fukushima city

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Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Fukushima factory, 0.57 μSv/h – Photo

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter the atmospheric dose nearby Fukushima factory of Asahi Breweries, Ltd. The person took a picture of geiger counter beside the sign of the factory.

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[Photo] Personal geiger counter indicates radiation level 1.8 times higher than public monitoring post

A Minamisoma citizen talked a public monitoring post shows the radiation level lower than a personal geiger counter. He posted the picture below. It was taken in the afternoon of


[Column] Doing what must be done

Recently 15,000 Bq/kg was measured from the mud of street gutter. It was in Ibaraki. The situation never get better. I don’t expect politics for nothing. I know this is


[Column] I tell everything I know, it’s your turn to decide to believe or not

If you have met me in person, probably you know I’m a deep-thinker. I’m not the type of person who keeps talking on and on and pushes everyone over. I


Over 9.999 μSv/h in Edogawaku Tokyo

Over 9.999 μSv/h was measured in Tokyo. The geiger counter can’t measure higher than 9.999 μSv/h.   ↓ The location. 大きな地図で見る Source   Iori Mochizuki _____ Italiano: Più di 9.999


[Video] It was 1.2μSv/h in Tokyo May 2011

In May. 2011, Tokyo was significantly contaminated under the total media blackout by the government. The video taken 5/15/2011 shows it was 1.2μSv/h (α+β+γ) on the ground, 0.25μSv/h at 1m


“Foreign dosemeters are banned to sell”

A Japanese citizen tweeted a shop said they are no longer allowed to sell foreign dosemeters.     マジ?!RT @yasaitabeteruガイガー不調。修理の為、店に聞いたら、外国産もう売れないんだって!国からのお達しじゃないけどお達しだそうだ。計測数値が確かじゃないから混乱を招くとのことだそうだ。今市場に出てるのは?水面下だってさ何だか日本こえーし真綿で首絞められてる感。 — kazukazu721 (@kazukazu721) March 19, 2012   <Translate> My geiger