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JP Gov to lift all the hazard areas in Fukushima

  On 5/7/2013, Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters of Cabinet office announced they are going to lift the hazard area in Futaba machi Fukushima as of 5/28/2013. There will be no

Food contamination

1,230,000 Bq/Kg of I-131 was measured from vegetation on 3/15/2011

According to METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), extremely high level of Iodine-131 was measured green vegetables around 40km area. The measurement was conducted on 3/15/2011.   The highest

Domestic and global Environment

680,000 Bq/Kg from the soil beside the agricultural reservoir in Okumamachi

According to MOE (Ministry of the Environment), highly concentrated cesium-134/137 was measured from the soil collected in the agricultural reservoirs in Okumamachi and Futabamachi in Fukushima.   1 Sample :


Evacuee from Futabamachi, “Something yellow fell from the sky like large flakes of snow after explosion”

  On 3/14/2013, Greenpeace held a meeting of Fukushima victims in the Diet Members’ Office Building of the House of Councilors. Ms. Sawagami is an eyewitness of the accident. She


167 of 1,200 evacuees from Futaba machi to Saitama have already died in shelter

According to Japanese comedian Tomiyama, 167 of 1,200 people died in the disaster shelter in Saitama already. They evacuated from Futabamachi Fukushima. They use Kisai Saitama prefectural high school for


1.6 mSv/h was measured in Futabamachi before the explosion of 3/12/2011

In the interview with OurPlanet-TV, Idogawa, Ex-Futabamachi mayor commented 1590 μSv/h was actually recorded in Kamihatori area, Futabamachi before the explosion of 3/12/2011. This area is 6km from Fukushima plant.


Idogawa Ex-Futabamachi mayor “I resigned because I can’t accept 20mSv/y standard. can’t take responsibility for future”

On 1/23/2013, Idogawa, Ex-Futabamachi mayor resigned. In the interview with OurPlanet-TV, he explained that he resigned because he couldn’t accept the 20mSv/y standard of the government. He stated, now Japanese


Futabamachi mayor, “Like in Auschwitz camp, our DNA is massacred in Fukushima prefecture just like guinea pigs”

  Futabamachi town mayor, Idogawwa has been purged to oppose accepting interim storage facility of contaminated soil produced from decontamination. [Link 1] Since he was seriously exposed in 311, he


Futabamachi mayor Idogawa immediately hospitalized

Around 7AM of 1/20/2013, Futabamachi mayor, Idogawa was hospitalized for emergency. He was claiming his head feels heavy and dizzy. He can walk by himself. He stayed at a hotel

Core removing struggle

[Express] “Tepco, the thermometer of reactor2 was disordered”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   Two of the thermometers of RPV in reactor2 are showing the rapid increase of temperature. As to this issue, Tepco asserted