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Breaking news : Possible leakage of skimmer surge tank of reactor 3

Because the SFP of reactor 4 is in crisis, we have paid all of our attention to reactor 4, but the FPC skimmer surge tank level of reactor 3 is

Spent Fuel Pools

Reactor 4 : Spent fuel pool was boiling without water after 1/1/2012

Following up this article about the decreasing of water level at reactor 4… The blogger woman in Minamisoma leaked information from an actual Fukushima worker. According to her post, after

Core removing struggle

Office of Prime Minister stopped Nuclear Safety Agency announcing the truth of meltdown

3/12 2PM ,Vice-Minister of Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, Nakamura Koichiro announced the possibility of meltdown in reactor 1 at the press conference. He judged it from the increasing radiation


Breaking News: Increasing leakage of Iodine 131

Following up this article about a possible recriticality at Fukushima Daiichi… In the article, I posted that Iodine 131 was measured at 3 garbage disposal facilities but in December, Iodine


A hose of water cooling system got expanded at reactor 3

  12/24/2011 ,they found a part of the resinic hoses of water cooling system which contains highly contaminated water at reactor 3 got unusually expanded. It is a hose for


Minami soma woman “can’t stop bleeding.”

Following up this article http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/12/whats-actually-going-on-to-fukushima-people/ The woman from Minami soma seems to be getting worse. Here is the post of 12/23. さっき、 みなさまから いただいた 貴重な 「 体験 コメント 」 を 拝見していたら


Constant leakage of Iodine 131

大きな地図で見る 12/22/2011, Gunma local government announced they measured 17 Bq/kg of Iodine 131 from the sewage sludge of a water purifying plant. They also measured 44 ~ 68 Bq/kg of