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All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. to make passengers support Fukushima by eating

On 2/13/2015, ANA (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.) announced they are going to serve ingredients produced in Fukushima. This is their marketing project to feature local food of all around


JAL served Fukushima game fowl for in-flight meal of business class last March and April

According to JAL, they served Fukushima game fowl for their in-flight meal from March to April of 2013. As long as Fukushima Diary confirms, it’s from Tokyo (Narita) to Bangkok


China Eastern Airlines to quit all the regular flights between Fukushima and Shanghai

  China Eastern Airlines is going to quit the regular flights between Fukushima and Shanghai. They have been stopping the flight from Fukushima since immediately after 311. They state it’s


Arrived at Canada

Finally arrived at Canada. I had series of troubles since when I got out of Vienna airport. There was no problem at the passport control, got Austrian stamp straight away.


Settlement report 3/4/2012

Donation : 0.00USD  lol Expense : Taxi 10.00USD, Hotel 46.00USD, Food / water 17.00USD Profit : -73.00USD   Today’s report was hard to make. Shoganai because I couldn’t write so


Settlement report of 3/3/2012

Donation : 163.00USD Expense : 50.00USD Profit : 113.00USD This day I had an interview with a Tunisian association. I was really tired from a long, endless trip, and the