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Weekly magazine to cover “suicide” of the TV director cancelled release

Following up this article..  TV director to cover Fukushima thyroid cancer and nuclear industry “commit suicide” [URL]   A weekly magazine that covered the “suicide” of the TV director cancelled release.


[Short-circuit of the cable?] Strange red flash observed at 21:34 of 3/27/2013

Around 21:34 of 3/27/2013 (JST), red flash was observed by Tepco live camera. The flash is linear. At this moment (22:53 3/28/2013), Fukushima live camera is almost white-out.    


Pink flash in Fukushima live camera

  Pink flash was caught in Fukushima live camera. It was at 23:07  5/17/2012. Lightning hazard was given out. It might have been a “pink” lightning.     Iori Mochizuki