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Export from Japan Sea contamination

South Korea added eel to banned list to import “Now 71 sorts of products are in the banned list”

  Regardless of the marketing effort, more and more Fukushima / Japanese fishery products are rejected by the world. Following up this article..South Korea banned import of additional 35 types

Sea contamination

Cesium from 60% of fishery products in Fukushima

From the radiation measurement test of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on 8/1/2012, cesium134/137 was measured from 60% of the fishery products. (80 of 132 products.) They are not


Nuclear flounder bomb loaded

Following up this article..Plutonium measured from marine products fished offshore Fukushima Having measured cesium and plutonium from various kinds of fish, Fukushima prefecture released 100,000 fry of flounders to  offshore


Plutonium measured from marine products fished offshore Fukushima

Following up this article..Fukushima is going to start selling marine products Plutonium 239+240 were measured from fish samples taken on 6/21/2011. They were preserved being frozen. Analysis was done by


Fukushima is going to start selling marine products

Fishery cooperative in Fukushima is going to start fish from 6/22/2012, after Typhoon 04 passes. [LINK] 6 chairmans and 50 staff from fishery cooperative held a meeting in Iwaki city


4,500 Bq/Kg from flatfish

  Fisheries agency measured 4,500 Bq/Kg from flatfish, and 1,920 Bq/Kg from rockfish last december. The data is already removed from their website. Also, on 3/21/2012, Prof. Ishimaru from Tokyo


Ibaraki local gov rebelled against JP gov about fishery product safety limit

  Ibaraki local government and Ibaraki fisherman’s union will ban shipping fishery products which they measured more than 50 Bq/kg after April. Currently, Japanese government set the safety limit of