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Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Fukushima fisheries associations turned down Tepco’s discharging ground water

On 4/26/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Tepco is about to discharge pumped ground water to sea, “They won’t remove 21,000 Bq/m3 of Tritium” [URL]”   According to Tepco, they are ready

Sea contamination

Greenpeace “Cs-137 from 2 of 30 fish samples SOLD at Supermarkets”

↑ Pacific cod (This is not the specifically tested sample)   According to Greenpeace, Cs-137 was measured from 2 of 30 fish samples. The samples were purchased at the Supermarkets

Environmental contamination Sea contamination

[Concealment ?] Tepco abandoned fish samples from Fukushima plant port, “due to degradation”

According to Tepco, Tepco abandoned 30 samples of fishery products on 3/15/2013. They state it was due to fish degradation. On 4/26/2013, Tepco released the nuclide analysis data of fishery

Sea contamination

[Marine contamination] Cs-134 measured from Miyagi offshore seawater, radiation level not been decreasing

According to Tepco, Cs-134 was measured from seawater offshore Miyagi prefecture. The half-life of Cs-134 is 2 years. Measurement of Cs-134 proves the radioactive contamination reached offshore Miyagi. The highest

Sea contamination

[1,900 Bq/m3] Sr-90 measured from Fukushima plant offshore seawater, Tepco admitted it’s due to the accident

According to Tepco, Sr-90 was measured from seawater around Fukushima nuclear plant. The highest reading was 1,900 Bq/m3 from North of reactor 5-6 Discharge Channel. The sample was taken on

Domestic and global Environment Sea contamination

Tepco admitted Pu-238/239/240, Sr-90 in sea soil are from Fukushima accident

According to Tepco, significantly high level of radioactive material was measured from the sea soil. The sample is dry soil taken offshore reactor1 water intake canal (0~10cm depth). The sampling

Sea contamination

[Sea contamination] 430,000 Bq/Kg measured from greenling and spotbelly rockfish, “4,300 times much as safety limit”

↑ Fat greenling (This is not the specific issued sample.) According to Tepco, 430,000 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was measured from the fish in Fukushima nuclear plant port. It was measured

Sea contamination

Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters lifted the shipping regulation of flounder from Miyagi

On 4/1/2013, Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters lifted the shipping regulation of flounder from Miyagi prefecture. It has been restricted since 5/30/2012. They measured 400 Bq/Kg on 4/19/2012, but they didn’t

Sea contamination

A sort of spiral shell thais clavigera entirely extinct in 30km coastal area of Fukushima

Thais clavigera is a species of predatory sea snail with an operculum, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Muricidae, the rock shells. This is an intertidal species, found on

Sea contamination

Test fishing of young lancefish restarted, “will be sold in Metropolitan area”

On 3/29/2013, the test fishing of young lancefish was restarted offshore Fukushima. Though it is supposed to be a test fishing, they are to fish 40 tones a week, which