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JP PM Abe to withdrew the 2030 policy to abandon nuclear power

On 12/29/2012, Japanese prime minister Abe visited Fukushima nuclear plant and officially stated he will withdraw the policy to abandon all the nuclear plants in 2030s. He stated, energy is


New Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Sugita fainted during Abe’s inauguration press conference

On 12/26/2012, new deputy chief cabinet, Sugita fell down to faint when new Japanese prime minister Abe was holding the inauguration press conference. SPs carried him out to the anteroom.


[Guardian] Japanese hawk’s election victory prompts fears of regional tension

<Quote> [Guardian] A furious reaction is expected from Beijing if the LDP goes ahead with campaign pledges to develop fisheries and build on the Senkakus, a group of islands administered


[Column] Why Fukushima Diary reports Japanese political situation that has drifted to the right

Among Japanese people who have been worried about radiation, the biggest concern is conscription at the time. This may sound difficult to understand for non-Japanese nationality holders, but this is


[Mainichi] 72% of new lawmakers want to amend war-renouncing Article 9 of Constitution

On 12/19/2012, Fukushima Diary wrote this column, “[Column] 3 misunderstandings of foreign media about this election” [Link] <Quote> [Mainichi] About 72 percent of 473 newly elected House of Representative lawmakers


[Rising nationalism after the disaster] Crowd gathered for Abe’s speech of LDP,

  Japan is going to have an election tomorrow, 12/16/2012. They presume LDP will dominate majority of the seats to drift to the right-wing more than ever. (cf. [Column] 3


[Column] 3 reasons why we must stop loving Japan

There were some reasons why I left Japan. One of the biggest reasons was the spreading radiation, but another reason was the rising fascism. I did not talk about that

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[Column] Japan may seek solution of Fukushima in drifting to the right

Japan is going to have the 3rd prime minister after 311 from the election planned on 12/16. The new prime minister is likely to be Abe of LDP. He is


[Bloomberg column] Right-Wing Japan Relives 19th Century

<Quote> [Bloomberg] Japan’s leaders just can’t seem to put the 19th century behind them. It may be 2012, and the world surrounding this island nation of 126 million is changing


[Hashimoto] ‘You have no fundamental human rights’

This is not directly related to Fukushima, but because it is important to know how fascism is rising in Japan, I post this. <Quote> [Japan Today] Osaka Mayor Hashimoto: ‘You