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45 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 detected from farm soil in Chiba prefecture

A citizen’s radiation measurement station named “Fujimi-ru” reported they measured 44.7 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from farm soil. The sample was collected in Kimitsu city of Chiba prefecture (0 ~ 10cm deep).

Effects to be confirmed

Hazard area farmer took sick cow to protest in Tokyo / Unidentified “dermatitis” on possibly both of cow and farmer

↑ The cattle taken out of the truck ↑ The white spots on its skin ↑ Mr. Yoshizawa seems to have a part of the skin pink-colored around his right

Domestic and global Environment

40,000 Bq/Kg from farm soil in Fukushima city

Related to this article..18,756 Bq/kg of Cs-134/137 measured from the mud in street gutter in Setagaya Tokyo [URL] The citizens’ radiation laboratory CRMS (Citizen’s Radioactivity Measuring Station) measured significantly high


[Yomiuri] Two local govs in Fukushima decided to resume planting rice next year, “Cesium is due to the rice hullers”

<Quote> [Yomiuri] The town government of Hirono and the village government of Kawauchi in Fukushima Prefecture have decided to resume planting rice next year. Both municipal governments had asked farmers

Support by eating

[Column] Disaster doesn’t dream a dream

Most of the people think Fukushima has been settled down for some reason. I have no idea when, and where they got the idea. Probably they don’t even know that


[Photos] Fukushima farm’s dead cattle and calves of Fukushima syndrome, “The smell even comes to the bed”

Fukushima Diary reported cattle are starting to die of “Fukushima syndrome” in the farm of hazard area. (cf. Cattle dying of “Fukushima syndrome” in farm of hazard area, “Diarrhea like


Hirono machi Fukushima to restart selling rice to Iwaki city and Tokyo area, “23km from Fukushima plant”

On 10/9/2012, Hirono machi in Futabagun Fukushima decided to ship and sell rice. They will be distributed to Iwaki city and Kanto area including Tokyo. Hirono machi is 23km from


Cattle dying of “Fukushima syndrome” in farm of hazard area, “Diarrhea like water, snivel, spreading dermatitis”

There is a farm in hazard area (20km area) of Fukushima to save abandoned lives. [Link] It is called Farm sanctuary project, run by Mr. Yoshizawa. Fukushima diary has reported


70% of oyster died in Matsushima Bay Miyagi

  In the oyster farm of Matsushima Bay, Miyagi prefecture, 70% of the oysters were found dead. Fisherman reported to Miyagi prefecture that a lot of oysters were found dead.


Deformed eggplant in Yamagata

  Snake looking eggplant was harvested in Yamagata. Mr. Yoshida (62) found the eggplant in his farm on 9/6/2012. It’s in Takahata town, Yamagata prefecture. (100km from Fukushima plant) It’s