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1.8 μSv/h in a park of Tochigi, 105km South West from Fukushima nuclear plant

  A citizen’s researcher surveyed the radiation level of a park in Tochigi. It’s in Nasushiobara city, where is in 105 km South West from Fukushima nuclear plant. This is


[Column] 3 reasons why we must stop loving Japan

There were some reasons why I left Japan. One of the biggest reasons was the spreading radiation, but another reason was the rising fascism. I did not talk about that


Japanese empress has extreme pain in the lower back

The Imperial Household Agency announced Japanese empress has rather sever backache to wake up in the morning. She had the 78th birthday on 10/20/2012. Related article..Emperor and empress went to


Emperor and empress went to see the decontamination in Kawauchi mura, “They wear no mask, no protective clothing”

In the afternoon of 10/13/2012, Japanese emperor and empress visited Kawauchi mura Fukushima. (cf. Japanese emperor and empress to visit 30km area to watch decontamination) They didn’t even wear mask


Japanese emperor and empress to visit 30km area to watch decontamination

On 10/9/2012, the Imperial Household Agency announced emperor and empress are to visit Kawauchi mura in Fukushima on 10/13/2012. Kawauchi mura is in 30km area. Emperor and empress will inspect


JP Gov did not evacuate JP emperor to west Japan for the risk of panic

  Edano former chief cabinet secretary and Fukuyama deputy chief cabinet secretary unofficially considered having Japanese emperor evacuate to west Japan in March of 2011. They assumed the worst senario