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JP embassy stopped JICA’s exhibition about Fukushima accident in Ethiopia for thyroid test result

Last October, Japanese embassy stopped JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) holding the exhibition about 311 and Fukushima accident. The exhibition was cosponsored by JICA and Japanese embassy and planned on


Australian embassy to transfer visa processing function from Japan to S. Korea

According to Australian embassy, they will no longer process the visa application from Japanese citizens in Japan after this May. Because they are going to process the visa application in


[3/15/2011] Wife of Costa Rican ambassador, “Our president told us to leave, a lot of ambassadors want to do so.”

A filmmaker Mr. Ian Thomas Ash made a documentary about the first several days after 311. In this documentary, the wife of Costa Rican ambassador commented their president told them


[Yomiuri]U.S., French firms vie for N-cleanup work

<Quote> [Yomiuri]   U.S. and French firms, supported by their embassies in Japan, are aggressively marketing themselves to take advantage of unprecedented business opportunities in nuclear decontamination work and decommissioning


Settlement report 5/23 ~ 5/24/2012

Donation : 914.00USD Expense : 23.50USD Left in hat : 890.50USD   Goal : 3,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan plus new server cost) Current total : 2,091.90 USD


Canadian embassy closed Visa department in Japan

  As of 5/1/2012, Canadian embassy in Tokyo closed the Visa department and they will accept none of the new application. All the visa and immigration work will be moved