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Mutated eggplant found in Osaka

Mutated eggplant was found in Settsu city Osaka. It’s a common type of eggplant called Chunaga nasu. One eggplant is splited into four parts. Agricultural department of Osaka government comments,


Deformed eggplant in Yamagata

  Snake looking eggplant was harvested in Yamagata. Mr. Yoshida (62) found the eggplant in his farm on 9/6/2012. It’s in Takahata town, Yamagata prefecture. (100km from Fukushima plant) It’s


Conjoint 5 eggplants in Fukushima

  5 eggplants are connected under one hull. It was found in Date city Fukushima, about 61km from Fukushima.     The longest one is 15cm long, the shortest one