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Natural disasters

[Analysis] What’s happening to the ecology of Japanese lakes ?

Since one week ago, over 10,000 crucian carps have been forming a group near the surface of an agricultural reservoir in Bizen city Okayama. The resident living near the pond


[Deformation] Egg in an egg

今日のゆで卵。卵の中に卵…奇形。やっぱり不安だ。 twitter.com/LincaMw/status… — ちびタマ子さん (@LincaMw) 1月 9, 2013 <Translate> Today’s boiled egg has another egg in it. Egg in egg.. Deformation.. feeling concerned. (The label of origin only says it’s

Domestic and global Environment

Eggs of sweetfish decreased by 98% in Biwa lake, Prefectural gov “Unusual condition”

Shiga prefectural fisheries experimental station researched sweetfish laid 98% less eggs than usual in Biwa lake. Biwa lake is one of the major producing centers of sweetfish. So far, they