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Breaking news Export from Japan Politics

The US resumed all food imports from Japan including Fukushima prefecture followed by EU

Photo : International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reviewed the contaminated water processing system in Fukushima plant on the 8th of September, 2021.[Link]   U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced, on

Breaking news Core removing struggle Fukushima Plant

More than 1,000 times higher than annual safety limit detected outside Reactor 2 vessel

Photo : Drone exploring over the cover of Reactor 2 PCV by Nuclear Regulation Authority [URL]   On the 8th of September, 2021, Nuclear Regulation Authority announced that a drone

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Most of the exhaust filters found breached in contaminated water processing system

Photo : A drone attempting to inspect the radiation level on the cover of primary containment vessel of Reactor 2 by Tepco   Following up this article : Tepco halted

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Tepco halted contaminated water processing as exhaust filters breached

Photo : The breached exhaust filter in ALPS by Tepco   On the 2nd of September, 2021, Tepco announced the exhaust filters attached to the contaminated water processing system were

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Tepco redefined Processed water as Processed water et cetera. 70 percent not processed enough.

Photo : The Inside of Reactor 2 in June, 2021 by Tepco [Link]   Tepco and the government of Japan are planning to discharge the filtered contaminated water to the

Core removing struggle Fukushima Plant

Tepco to start removing molten fuel from reactor 2 by the end of 2022

On the 24th June 2021, Tepco revealed their updated decommissioning plan for Fukushima nuclear plant. They delayed the schedule by one year due to the ongoing pandemic. The nuclear fuel

Breaking news Core removing struggle Fukushima Plant

Tepco contacted molten fuel in Reactor 2 yet 98 percent unknown

On 2/14/2019, Tepco announced they managed to contact the molten nuclear fuel on the bottom of the Primary Containment Vessel of Reactor 2. The research was implemented on 2/13/2019. No

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Aftershocks occurred over 85 times by 11am of 23rd Nov after M7.4

Following up this article.. [Breaking] M7.3 Fukushima offshore / 3m of Tsunami is coming / Fukushima plant status unknown [URL]   According to JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency), they observed over 85

Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Coolant system of DAINI SFP3 rebooted

According to NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority), Tepco rebooted the coolant system of SFP 3 of Fukushima DAINI at 7:47AM (JST). Tepco explains that the tank water level related to SFP

Breaking news Fukushima Plant Plant hazard

Coolant system of SFP3 in Fukushima DAINI got automatically suspended / 2544 fuel assemblies stocked

According to Tepco, Fukushima DAINI‘s spent fuel pool of Reactor 3 had its coolant system suspended automatically. It stocks 2,360 spent fuel assemblies and 184 new fuel assemblies. No more