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Japanese female idol “Left ear suddenly started bleeding, terribly hurts”

  A Japanese female idol “Yamamoto Sayaka” from NMB48 commented on Twitter that she had her left ear bleed all of a sudden.   16:10 6/5/2014 (JST) “Left ear bled


Japanese musician confessed he got sudden deafness on his blog

A Japanese pop musician Suga shikao confessed he has been having sudden deafness since one year ago. He announced it on his blog on 10/29/2012. His right ear can’t hear


[Express] “My child is bleeding from her ears, you see many other people bleeding from ears on twitter too”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. 子供が耳から出血する。今、twitterで「耳   出血」を検索する。数多くの人が耳から出血してるではないか〜。怖い。 — こみとさん (@twogifts) 10月 22, 2012 <Translate> My child bleeds from the ear. Now you search for the word “ear bleed”