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Contaminated water crisis Spent Fuel Pools

Water leakage from air-conditioning duct of reactor4, Tepco”It’s rain water, not from SFP”

On 12/13/2012, Tepco found water leaking from air-conditioning duct of the reactor4 disposal building of radioactive waste. Tepco immediately denied the possibility that the water is from SFP because it

Core removing struggle

Tepco’s emergency email, “Duct of gas monitoring system got a hole in reactor2”

Crippled Fukushima plant is having problems continuously. The similar kind of ducts may have the same problems at other locations too. On 9/9/2012, Tepco sent emergency emails to press. Around


Holes on the duct of reactor3. Tepco “fixed it with tape.”

  Following up this article..Fukushima worker “The warranty period of the parts for coolant system is 1 year.” The duct of reactor3 PCV gas control system got 8 holes, Tepco