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88 Bq/Kg from well water in Minamisoma Fukushima

Cesium is penetrating into ground water. People are having less and less safe water. 88 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from well water in Fukushima. On 9/11/2012, ministry of the

Domestic and global Environment

Cesium from tap water in 26% of all the prefectures

Tap water is the most essential element of our daily life. You need it for cooking, shower, and drinking. You need it even when you make your baby food. However,

Domestic and global Environment

Protozoon detected in drinking water source of mid Japan “cause unknown”

  A type of protozoon called Cryptosporidium [Link] has been detected from drinking water source since last year in Nagano. It causes parasitic disease but can’t be chlorinated. The environment