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Dosimeter of Fukushima citizen counts 40% lower than actual, Maker admits

On 1/28/2015, “CHIYODA TECHNOL CORPORATION [URL]” announced on their website that their dosimeter shows cumulative exposure dose lower than actual air dose rate by 30 〜 40%. Fukushima citizens are


“Foreign dosemeters are banned to sell”

A Japanese citizen tweeted a shop said they are no longer allowed to sell foreign dosemeters.     マジ?!RT @yasaitabeteruガイガー不調。修理の為、店に聞いたら、外国産もう売れないんだって!国からのお達しじゃないけどお達しだそうだ。計測数値が確かじゃないから混乱を招くとのことだそうだ。今市場に出てるのは?水面下だってさ何だか日本こえーし真綿で首絞められてる感。 — kazukazu721 (@kazukazu721) March 19, 2012   <Translate> My geiger


Fukushima governor has never visited nuclear plants

  From the report of NHK, it turned out that Sato Yuhei, the Fukushima governor has never visited Fukushima nuclear plants since 311. On 3/8/2012, Sato Yuhei visited Fukushima nuclear


33 people are exposed more than 10mSv/y (only external exposure)

    In Date shi, Fukushima, they found out 33 of 9443 city citizens will be exposed more than 10mSv/y. It was cleared from their analysis done from September to


Felt like something exploded underground, several Fukushima people talked

Following up this article ..Hydrogen explosion of reactor 4 may have happened on 1/9/2012   A Fukushima citizen, who evacuated to Akita, the next prefecture tweed about the situation of