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[Column] Paypal decided to close FD’s Paypal account for no reason, lost one year living expense / Was I Assanged ?

Today I refunded all the supports (up to 60days ago) that people expected to change the world.   The Paypal account of Fukushima Diary has been suspended since last week.


[Column] Soon to end the donation acceptance

Soon I’m going to close the donation acceptance as I planned. It’s been 4 days actually. Probably everyone got to know the bank transfer fee is not cheap, nobody used


[Column] To make it transparent -Financial report of Fukushima Diary

Maybe there’s something in Fukushima. That’s why Tepco doesn’t want to ask for the international help more widely. but it’s hard to see what it is inside. We need to


[Column] Where’s the ideal country as quiet as a forest ?

There are always people to say Fukushima Diary is a demagogue, but most of the articles on Fukushima Diary are based on Tepco’s report. If it’s a lie, it’s Tepco’s


[Column] Fukushima Diary is growing for some reason

The world is already forgetting Fukushima accident but Fukushima Diary is growing for some reason. There are ups and downs but since the end of last year, the site has


[Column] A part of your donation was donated to Save the children in Romania

When I was living in Bucharest, I was saving coins and small bills (25¢ ish) for charity purpose. I hoped to give it to someone “authentic” directly but because I


[Column] Researching real estates around Arad

They say now I’m the only Japanese in Arad prefecture. I’m honored to be able to do something nobody has ever tried to do, alone. Some of my Japanese readers


[Notice] Fukushima Diary can accept donation directly at bank

Fear – This is what Fukushima Diary is fighting. When it comes slowly, you don’t even panic. Depending on the occasion, fear has two disguise. One is the lie, and


[Notice] Fukushima Diary got the PoBox

As Fukushima Diary corporation, I opened a PoBox finally. I used to borrow someone’s address before, but now I can genuinely have my own PoBox. If you kindly support by


[Notice] Paypal button for Fukushima Diary corporation added to the site but still received by me

I’m excited and also a little worried about my incorporating Fukushima Diary because I know some people don’t like “corporation” and they might feel like they are losing Fukushima Diary.