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Another Fukushima worker died, no details announced

On the daily report of 1/22/2019, Tepco briefly announced a Fukushima worker was confirmed to be dead on the previous day. The report has only 2~3 lines, none of the

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Another decontamination worker died in Fukushima

  Around 18:00 of 2/28/2013, a decontamination worker (54) died in Kawauchi mura Fukushima. The reason is not reported. At 16:15, the decontamination worker from Iwaki city suddenly fell down

Cover-ups Plant hazard

The Fukushima worker in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest died, the reason is not reported

On 2/25/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Fukushima worker got in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest, transfered to Iwaki Kyouritsu Hospital [URL]” On 2/27/2013, he died. The reason is not announced.  

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5th Fukushima worker died, “acute myocardial infarction”

  Another Fukushima worker died. According to Tepco’s announcement, he was the 5th worker to have died in the plant. A male Fukushima worker in late 50s died of acute

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A Japanese actor Chii Takeo died of heart failure

Following up this article..“Can’t see anything.” The actor, Mr. Chii Takeo died of heart failure at 7:00 of 6/29/2012. He was 70 years old. He has been canceling to show

Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed Plant hazard

Cardiopulmonary arrest worker died and Tepco concealed it for 2 days

Following up this article ..Another Fukushima worker suffered cardiopulmonary arrest. Tepco announced he actually died of cardiac infarct on the day when he was hospitalized. It was 17:02  1/9/2012. According to