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Contaminated water crisis

[Photo] Water mark of the leaked water is obviously “brown” / “Isn’t inside deteriorated ?”

    Following up this article..One of the new tank leakage still continuing [URL]   On 9/2/2013, Tepco released the picture of water stain of the leaked water from the


Tepco shoots gunite on reactor4 building wall/ “Reinforcing bars are exposed to outside to deteriorate.”

On 8/28/2013, Tepco announced they have been shooting gunite (cement) on the wall of reactor4 building since this June. According to Tepco, reactor4 building has the pillars, beams and walls

Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker “Expiration date for use of the contaminated tanks is coming.”

Following up this article..Another leakage of contaminated water tank / 100 mSv/h on the surface [URL]   The Fukushima worker Happy11311 commented on Twitter that the leakage might be caused


4 more parts found severely deteriorated in multiple nuclide removing system ALPS only 2 months after test operation

Following up this article..Serious deterioration found in adsorption tower of multiple nuclide removing system ALPS [URL]   According to Tepco, they found the same deterioration in 4 more parts of


Serious deterioration found in adsorption tower of multiple nuclide removing system ALPS

Following up this article..Multiple nuclide removing system ALPS had leakage due to “corrosion” / Only 2 months after test operation started [URL]   While ALPS is suspended, Tepco inspected the

Spent Fuel Pools

Steal beam truss on the top of reactor3 possibly starting to be deteriorated

At this moment, the worst crippled reactor3 still has its spent fuel pool on the top of the building. It is still directly exposed to the atmosphere. Tepco is trying

Contaminated water crisis

[13,000m3] Tepco takes 2 weeks to stop water leaking, Worker “could be due to the extremely high level of radiation”

Tepco announced they had extremely highly radioactive water leaking to underground. [URL] From their emergency press conference from 1:30 of 4/6/2013 (JST), there is 13,000 m3 of contaminated water in

Natural disasters Spent Fuel Pools

[Column] 4 reasons why we must be worried about reactor4 “other than earthquake”

Now the biggest risk of Japan is reactor4. However, we are only supposed to be worried about an “earthquake” to seriously damage the SFP of reactor4. Is this true ?