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Voice of the streets 4/6/2012

私の上司の子供の小学校は天王洲近く。瓦礫燃やし始めて一週間後くらいにPTAのお父さんが全員入院してた。脳梗塞もいた。関係あった…よなぁ… RT @onodekita: 品川ガレキ焼却時のグラフ。 監視しなければ、いくらでもやる。twitter.com/#!/cmk2wl/stat… — Saori (@taoyuri21) March 31, 2012   <Translate> The child of my boss goes to the elementary school near Tennoz Shinagawa Tokyo. About 1 week


It’s not the time to demonstrate, it’s time to evacuate.

  Some people are trying to have the government shut down all the nuclear plants in Japan. and They are stepping for the national vote even in Tokyo too. but