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Troll rejected by Tokushima prefecture with the perfect answer

For the troll to push radioactive debris, Tokushima prefectural government replied the the perfect answer. Man (60) scared of radiation ? No, it’s ignorance to threaten you. “Let’s support North


Translation of Noda’s speech on 3/11/2012 (Noise reduction)

  [Seasonal greetings are cut off.] Japan is the islands of natural disaster. Learning from the Great East Japan Earthquake, we shall step up contingency planning as soon as possible.


JP Gov distributes money for the local governments to accept radioactive debris

Japanese prime minister Noda talked on Nihon TV, Japanese government is going to pay money for local governments to accept radioactive debris. Japanese government is going to distribute radioactive debris

Sea contamination

Japanese debris has already arrived at west coast of United States

Fishers bobs and the debris written Japanese are frequently found in west cost of United states, where is 7300km away from Japan. Last weekend, citizens had exhibition of driftage in


Debris from north Japan is only 1.13 times much as Great Hanshin Earthquake

Japanese government is distributing the debris from disaster area of North Japan to all over Japan. As a reason of doing it, Japanese government is explaining the amount is too



    I received some questions. The first question Many pets seem to have been abandoned in the forbidden zone. What were the circumstances where pets were abandoned? Before the


Rapid increase of fall-out is because of incineration of radioactive waste

Following up this article ..Fukushima fall-out spiked up again The reason why fall-out level spiked up in the beginning of this year might be from incineration of radioactive garbage and


JR is going to prepare special containers only to carry radioactive debris

Japan Railway (JR) is planning to have a special container for radioactive debris. One train will carry 500 tons of debris. They state they won’t carry the debris which is