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Contaminated water crisis

Multiple nuclide removing system ALPS had leakage due to “corrosion” / Only 2 months after test operation started

Following up this article..Over 20 holes found on multiple nuclide removing system ALPS [URL]   On 7/29/2013, Tepco reported to Nuclear Regulation Authority that the holes were made by “corrosion”.

Core removing struggle

Co-60, corrosion product detected from gas samples of reactor1, 2 and 3

Related to this article..Ag-110m detected from gas sample of reactor1 and 3, “The boiling point is 2,164℃” [URL] According to Tepco, they also detected Co-60 from the gas samples of

Spent Fuel Pools

[Reactor4] The biggest concern is corrosion to release fuel assemblies from channel box

Following up this article..[Reactor4] Photos and videos to take out the new fuel assemblies Actual Fukushima workers Happy11311 and TS were talking about the risk to take out the rest