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Japanese media only mentioned cancer related mortalities

Following up this article..Japanese media reported the number of the death to be one in tenth Kyodo news mentioned only cancer related mortalities of 130. On the other hand, ABC


Japanese media reported the number of the death to be one in tenth

Following up this article..[ABC] Fukushima radiation may kill 1,300 Kyodo news [Link] reported the number of the people who may be killed by radiation to be one in tenth as


33mSv/y measured at over 26 schools in Fukushima and it’s concealed

      Following up this article..Koriyama board of education stops decontamination of schools Over 14 elementary schools, 7 junior high schools and 5 nursery schools in Koriyama city of


There is no debris in the cities of disaster area

Following up this article..Intense protest against sharing radioactive debris policy in Kyoto People against sharing radioactive debris is labelled as “selfish”. Debris is supposed to be in the way of


Measurement of radiation may be banned in Japan

  JP Gov is making legislative bill of Public security law Japanese government killed Fukushima people and eastern Japanese by concealing SPEEDI for longer than 10 days. For the next,