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3/12 NHK “(Whisper) Don’t read this draft about exposed fuel rods.”

3/12/2011, On NHK mid noon news, director stopped an announcer reading the news about exposed fuel rod assemblies. An NHK reporter Nomura Masaiku announced, “At 11:40 on 3/12/2011, fuel rod


NHK reported the risk of internal exposure in June 2009

↑ The black lines are the radiation.   NHK broadcast a TV program about internal exposure risk of the victims by Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs though they keep reporting


110 million Bq/L of St-90 was leaked to the sea in December

Following up this article ..220 tons of highly radioactive water leaked and a part of it leaked to the sea What Tepco admitted was they leaked 45 tons of contaminated


0.36 microSv/h from snowfall in Saint Louis

Following up this article ..0.27 microSv/h from snow in Saint Louis 0.36 microSv/h (42.9 CPM) was measured from snowfall in Saint Louis on 1/13/2012. Also, back in 6/28/2011, they measured


Felt like something exploded underground, several Fukushima people talked

Following up this article ..Hydrogen explosion of reactor 4 may have happened on 1/9/2012   A Fukushima citizen, who evacuated to Akita, the next prefecture tweed about the situation of