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[Column] Donation function is back on for a few days

The press conference of Tepco and their president finished about 1 hour before my writing this.   I finally managed to have to time to get the donation buttons back


[Column] Couldn’t have time to get the Donation function back today

I was planning to get the Donation function back today but seems like I can’t do it by today. will be tomorrow.   I have too many things in my


[Column] The reason why Japanese are “generous” to Tepco

I came back to Bucharest 2 weeks ago. Rented an apartment for the headquarters of Fukushima Diary corporation after next year and updated my long stay certificate last week. Next


[Column] Angry

I got my spare credit card sent from Japan. I need it to found my company. Yes, my company. It is being registered in this East European country. Because still


Monitoring posts are made by nuclear power maker

Monitoring posts in Minamisoma city Fukushima are made by Fuji electric, which is a nuclear power maker. ↓ The website of Fuji electric. [URL] ↓ The Japanese company logo. [URL]

Natural disasters

Settlement report 6/7/2012 -change

        I lost the sense of “height”. The shape of the wave was clear. I couldn’t stand still, had to sit down on the ground, where was