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559 Bq/Kg of Cs-137 detected from vacuum dust in Tokyo

By 2/16/2016, a citizen’s radiation measurement station “Iwaki citizen’s radiation measurement station” announced 559 Bq/Kg of Cs-137 was detected from vacuum cleaner dust in Tokyo. The sampling location was Edogawa

Breaking news Domestic and global Environment Ecology

Still over 22,657 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 detected from mushroom in Iwaki city

On 11/29/2015, a citizen’s radiation researcher posted on Twitter that the person measured 22,657 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from mushroom. The sample was collected from Iwaki city in Fukushima prefecture. The mushroom

Breaking news Domestic and global Environment Ecology

95,000 Bq/Kg of Cs-134 / 137 still measured in the school route of Kohriyama even after decontamination – Video

On 7/26/2014, a Fukushima resident posted a video on Youtube to report the actual contamination situation in Kohriyama city. It records the radiation measurements around the area where schools and


197 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 measured from sandals left outside since 2011 in Tokyo

197 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137 was detected from the sandals in Tokyo, according to a citizen’s radiation measurement station in Saitama. This is approx. as double as the safety limit of

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17,000 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from soil of a public drinking fountain in Yaita city Tochigi

  A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter his radiation analysis result to measure 17,000 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137. The sampling date was 6/17/2014. It was soil taken from a public drinking


42 Bq/Kg from the insoles of elementary school student’s shoes in Saitama

  A citizen’s radiation monitoring station in Saitama tweeted that they measured the significant level of radioactive material from inside of elementary school student’s shoes.   The sample was the

Effects to be confirmed

Fukushima citizen “Everybody is having cancer, cancer and cancer.. what is going on ? I’m afraid it is that…”

A Fukushima citizen posted on Twitter that people are starting to have cancer around her. She has fatigue and diarrhea too.   <Translate> Good morning. I’ve been having a stomach


[Express] Citizen’s radiation station “530 Bq/Kg from shoji screen in Saitama”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> (Citizen’s radiation monitoring station in Nippori Tokyo) Shockingly, 527 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137 was measured from Shoji screen in Kawaguchi city


20 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 measured from pickled plum in Miyagi

According to citizens’ radiation monitoring station, 20 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was detected from pickled plum in Ohgawara machi Miyagi prefecture.   Measurement date : 6/21/2013 Sample production : 2012 Cs-134


18,756 Bq/kg of Cs-134/137 measured from the mud in street gutter in Setagaya Tokyo

A citizens’ radiation laboratory CRMS (Citizen’s Radioactivity Measuring Station) reported they measured 18,756 Bq/kg of Cs-134/137 from mud in a street gutter in Fukasawa Setagaya Tokyo. CRMS stated they need