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Column Core removing struggle

[Column] Summary of Fukushima situation ~What we don’t know about Fukushima

I have my home, somewhere, some time. The only thing I know is it’s far, and in the future. Every morning I wake up, I get closer to my home.

Core removing struggle

3/21/2011-The day G.Washington evacuated Yokosuka, possible explosion happened in reactor3 to melt the concrete of PCV

↑ NAVAL AIR FACILITY ATSUGI, Japan (March 21, 2011) U.S. Navy Sailors and U.S. Marine Corps Marines test dependants for radiation exposure. NAF Atsugi dependants have begun an authorized voluntary departure

Core removing struggle Cover-ups

Fractured fuel may be in suppression chamber and reactor building, No technology to identify, No governmental policy

According to the minutes of mid/long term Fukushima measures R&D meeting held on 10/22/2012, Tepco is aware of the fact that fractured fuel debris has moved to the suppression chamber

Core removing struggle Spent Fuel Pools

Mr.Koide “Tepco can’t pick up melted fuel in core but they must remove fuel from SFPs before stone coffin”

  Assistant professor. Koide from Kyoto university had an interview of journalist Imanishi on 10/18/2012. In this interview, Mr. Koide commented stone coffin is the only solution but they must

Core removing struggle

Radiation level is higher out of PCV than inside in reactor1, “Is really core inside of PCV ?”

On 10/12/2012, Tepco measured radiation level in retained water of PCV1. The cesium level was lower than water retained outside of PCV, Suppression chamber, inside of the reactor building though core

Natural disasters Spent Fuel Pools

Settlement report 6/20 ~ 6/24/2012

    Though Japan is in such a crisis, I’m still struggling to get used to this new life. I managed the jet-lag, but still every small thing is hard,

Core removing struggle

“Tepco decided to evacuate F1 to hear the sound of China syndrome 3.2011” Secretary of Ex-JP PM

Following up this article..US army was planning to drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane Mr. Matsuda admitted “China syndrome” is happening in Fukushima in his interview. (cf.Corium may have