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Natural disasters

[Picture] The tide embankment of Hamaoka nuclear plant, “189km from Tokyo”

Hamaoka nuclear plant is building Tsunami embankment to restart. On 12/8/2012, Cabinet office announced the Tsunami caused by possible Nankai Trough earthquake could be 19m high. Cepco has been planning to


[Restoration] Minamisoma city to hold a marathon race on 12/2/2012 (Rain or shine)

On 12/2/2012, Minamisoma city Fukushima is going to hold a marathon race (Nomaoi no sato healthy marathon). This is the 25th race after 2 years blank for restoration. Anyone can


CEPCO prepares for the restart of Hamaoka nuclear plant by December

CEPCO (Chubu electric power company) is planning to restart Hamaoka nuclear plant by this December. Hamaoka nuclear plant is in Shizuoka prefecture, 200km from Tokyo. 大きな地図で見る They are building the