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Japanese Idol, Ms. Nakagawa Shoko “Tooth got chipped”

A Japanese idol, Ms. Nakagawa Shoko was reported to have bruise on her thighs and fingers in the winter of 2011. (cf, More bruise on eastern Japanese [Link]) On 1/21/2013,


Japanese actress Higashihara Aki got purple spot

On 9/30/2012, Higashihara Aki, a Japanese actress reported the purple spot on her blog. She commented like this below, 2012年9月30日、日本人女優の東原亜希さんが、紫斑ができた事を自身のブログで報告しました。 彼女は次のようにコメントをしています。     さてわたしの太ももが、、、 激しく内出血中ーーー!!! 実際はもっと濃い紫。涙 ただただかゆくて掻いただけなのに。。。。 重いバッグかけてると 肩もすぐなっちゃうのよね~ <Translate>


News reporter reported her own huge bruise

Following up this article..More Japanese people are having bruise Ms. Haramoto, the reporter of the news TV show “Morning bird (TV asahi)” tweeted her major bruise on her foot. This


More Japanese people are having bruise

(Source) “I don’t remember when I got this but huge bruise are everywhere on my legs.” This kind of the tweets are often observed. Most of them don’t associate it