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One of the largest Japanese Fukushima blogs suddenly closed without any notice

One of the largest / longest surviving Japanese Fukushima blogs was suddenly closed on 10/2/2014. It’s “Melt through of a nuclear plant somewhere”, had a few thousands of visitors everyday.


[Column] Compass

  There is an old gypsy lady around my apartment. Since I gave her 65 cents before, she waves her hands to me every time she sees me. She has


[Column] Anti-nuke blogs’ need of becoming too big to fail before the censorship over the sharp ridge of trade-off

What if there was North Korea Diary, what if there was Tokyo Diary during WW2, what if there was a Rwandan Diary.. it might have changed their destiny. Unfortunately, I


Settlement report 5/23 ~ 5/24/2012

Donation : 914.00USD Expense : 23.50USD Left in hat : 890.50USD   Goal : 3,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan plus new server cost) Current total : 2,091.90 USD


Website is dead

  Fukushima-diary has become too big. Unimportant things take too much time and energy, and there is nothing more recognizable target than a blog for Tepco or other trolls. There