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Tepco inspected reactor1 / Elevator shaft and isolated column severely blasted / Cooling condenser full of debris

Even under the blasted 5th floor, the elevator shaft and the isolated column are severely damaged in reactor1 building. On 2/26/2014, Tepco and NRA (Nuclear Regulatory Agency) conducted the inspection


Tepco “Stack was possibly damaged by reactor1 explosion”

Following up this article.. [Damaged stack] Tepco calculating the possibility of collapsing / 28m radius area is off-limits [URL]   On 9/26/2013, Tepco announced they are starting to assume the


Former Fukushima worker, “A lot of those highly radioactive substances must be found in various areas”

Extremely radioactive substances are found in Naraha-machi. Ministry of the Environment doesn’t analyze the material and sent it to Fukushima nuclear plant. α dose of none of those samples have


[Blasted by explosion?] 2 more radioactive pieces found in Naraha-machi, “16cm long, 5mm thickness”

↑ (A)     ↑(B) According to Tepco, they found two more extremely radioactive pieces in Naraha-machi. On 7/3/2013, Ministry of the Environment found radioactive pieces in the dry river

Environmental contamination

Tepco planned blasting reactor3 by firearms before its explosion

  Following up this article..Tepco released video of emergency TV meeting “99.3% cut off, 1665 beep sounds, 29 image concealment” There have been comments posted on Fukushima Diary that Tepco