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French Gov put Japan into “Sensitive country” list for Fukushima along with Afghanistan

French government has been putting Japan into the list of “Sensitive country”. As far as Fukushima Diary researches, Japan has been in the list since April of 2013 but it

Contaminated water crisis

Continuous troubles in ALPS / A filtration part is imported from France

Related to this article.. 4,200,000,000Bq of β and 10,000,000 Bq of γ nuclides leaked from ALPS again / New technology never get into operation [URL]   A part in the


“Mitsubishi Heavy Industries trying to quit being in cooperate with Areva”, a Fukushima worker

Following up this article.. 3 vice presidents of Tepco’s new Fukushima company are from nuclear makers / Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi GE [URL]   The government of Japan and Tepco are

Contaminated water crisis

Fukushima worker doubts the reliability of the new water purifying facility Alps

Tepco tries to start the new water purifying facility Alps to discharge contaminated water to the sea. Alps is supposed to filter 62 sorts of radionuclides except for tritium. [URL]


[Bookoff] Areva’s decontamination facilities were secondhand

(*Bookoff = Japanese secondhand book store chain) It might have been better to buy one on eBay. Areva, the world leading nuclear power industry conglomerate from France sold the secondhand decontamination

Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker “Soon nobody can get close to Areva’s facility”

Following up this article..1.32E+9 of cesium leaked from decontamination system of Areva Tepco is assuming the broken water gauge caused the leakage of contaminated water. ↓ 29:00 ~ Live stream

Contaminated water crisis

1.32E+9 of cesium leaked from decontamination system of Areva

      6/14/2012, Tepco announced 3 tones of contaminated water leaked from the decontamination system of Areva. It contains 4.4E+8 Bq/m3 of cesium. 1.32E+9 Bq/m3 of cesium was leaked