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Cs-134/137 measured from apple juice of Aomori prefecture

A citizen’s researcher measured Cs-134/137 from apple juice. The puree is from the apples of Aomori prefecture, but the juice is from the apples of Aomori and Iwate prefecture. The


5 Bq/Kg from Fukushima apple juice and 5.8 Bq/Kg from Miso

According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, a certain amount of cesium was measured from processed food in Fukushima. They were not shipped out supposedly. 1. Apple juice Sampling date


Cesium measured from 50% of Fukushima apple juice

According to Fukushima prefecture, cesium has been measured from 49.09 % of apple juice produced in Fukushima since 10/20/2011. Fukushima prefecture publishes they have tested 55 samples since 10/20/2011. Cesium