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Large mammals die in rapid succession in Ueno Zoological Gardens from tumor, heart failure etc..

Polar bear, harbor seal, giraffe and Sumatran tiger have died since last November in Ueno Zoological Gardens. The succession of death started with a polar bear. It was male, died


“Camel” in bad shape in a Yokohama city zoo / Events cancelled for the time being

Related to this article.. The Mayor of Yokohama hospitalized for unequal pulse [URL]   In one of the largest urban zoos in Japan, Zoorasia, a camel has been in bad


[Express] “Furless animal in Kawasaki city”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> When I was at work, I found this in Kawasaki city. What the world is this? <End> ねえやばくない? 仕事中、川崎市にて発見された 未確認生命体!


[Again] Charger panel in Fukushima Daini disordered due to a rat

  According to Tepco, their charger panel of the air-cooled gas turbine generator vehicle in Fukushima Daini was disordered due to a rat again. Before noon of 7/2/2013, the alarm


[Express] “Deformed kittens often seen this time last year, physical abnormality of adult cats often seen this year”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> A group of cats are living like stray cats in my office. Around this time of 2012, several kittens had


Dog survived with the dried meat sticking around the bone of dead cattle, 12km area

Unchained people are giving up living, but animals are fighting to survive in Fukushima. Chained and abandoned animals are yet struggling to live. They don’t think about the meaning of


Totoro fighting lymphatic malignancy

A lot of pets were separated from their owners because of the nuclear accident. A woman who looks after abandoned pets met a dog to be given a month to



    I received some questions. The first question Many pets seem to have been abandoned in the forbidden zone. What were the circumstances where pets were abandoned? Before the