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ABC news “10 horses dead this season in a racetrack of California, injuries and heart attack”

“Both tracks at famed Del Mar Racetrack under review after horses die from injuries and heart attacks.”     Watch more news videos | Latest from the US   http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/ten-horses-dead-del-mar-race-track-southern-24829989


Mushroom cloud western offshore of Japan

In the morning of 5/21/2014, explosive sound and a mushroom cloud were observed in Japanese western offshore. The location was the north of Kumejima island. The residents felt the ground


Aerosmith “We were uneasy about the radiation during Japan tour in 2011. …It was pretty scary.”

An American rock band, Aerosmith confessed that they were worried about radiation during the Japan tour in 2011. They talked to “Rolling Stone” in July 2013.   They held Japan


Only American representatives made default in the 1st meeting of international group for Fukushima decommissioning

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.     According to the government of Japan, 2 American


[Column] Wishing to go back to America this winter with my background grown a little bit

I left home at 14:00 and came back with the contract at 16:00. The contract is for the permanent office of Fukushima Diary corporation. I have never thought that I


JP Gov to collaborate with USA to investigate the volume of Uranium and Plutonium in molten fuel of Fukushima

According to Japan Atomic Energy Agency and DOE (United States Department of Energy), Japanese government and US government are to collaborate to develop the technology to evaluate the volume of


[Column] Spring calls

The airplane got the engine turned on. I was looking around in the plane, where I boarded almost the first time in my life. My mobile phone rang in my


US Los Alamos National Laboratory developed the technology to detect the exact place of melted fuel in reactors

On 10/17/2012, Los Alamos National Laboratory announced they developed the technology to detect where the melted fuels are in reactors. They put multiple detectors on both sides of the reactor

Export from Japan Misinformation Support by eating

Export “Support by eating” to America

Future From Fukushima Concept contained in the slogan “Future From Fukushima”. Let each one of us start to step forward toward the revitalization! And, let new movements start from Fukushima!


Arnie Gundersen @Congressional Briefing Cannon House Office Building — Room 121 9/20/2012

From the DC rally on 9/20/2012. (cf. DC rally on 9/20)   Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : M. Arnie Gundersen au Congressional Briefing dans le bâtiment des bureaux de l’immeuble