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Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Various nuclides density marked the highest level in groundwater from multiple locations of Fukushima plant

At least 4 nuclides density became the highest in groundwater according to Tepco. The groundwater was taken from the sea side of Reactor 2, where Tepco is trying to construct

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

All β nuclide density spiked 32 times much in groundwater of Fukushima plant

All β nuclide density of groundwater jumped up 32 times much on 8/27/2014, according to Tepco. All β nuclide includes Strontium-90. It was 2,600,000 Bq/m3 on 8/26/2014, but rose to

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Highest density of All β and Cs-134 measured from groundwater near Reactor 2

1,200,000,000 Bq/m3 of All β nuclide to include Strontium-90 and 9,000,000 Bq/m3 of Cesium-134 was measured from groundwater, according to Tepco.   These are the highest readings since they started

Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups Plant hazard

2,200,000,000,000 Bq/m3 of All β was measured seaside trench of Reactor2 last year/ Tepco underrated 1/3× for a year

Last July, Fukushima Diary posted..   On 7/27/2013, Tepco announced they measured 2,350,000,000,000 Bq/m3 from retained water of seaside trench of reactor2. It’s water intake power cable trench from reactor2.

Contaminated water crisis Environmental contamination

All β nuclide density in reactor2 groundwater 1,000 times much as before Feb / 10 times much in plant port too

All β nuclide (including Strontium-90) density in groundwater jumped up by 1,000 times since this February, according to Tepco. It is from Tepco’s report about groundwater contamination released on 6/6/2014.

Contaminated water crisis

2 tanks leaked 4.0m3 of contaminated water for 2 months without noticed / 250,000,000 Bq of “radioactive material”

  ↑ The ground where the contaminated water has been absorbed for 2 months.   Following up this article.. 2 Contaminated water tanks overflowed / 9,800,000 Bq/m3 of All β

Contaminated water crisis

21 tanks and 1km of pipe must be decontaminated due to the system failure of ALPS / Not known when to reboot ALPS

Following up this article.. [ALPS shut-down] Tepco has already transferred 2,500 t of unpurified water to 21 clean tanks [URL]   21 tanks and 1km long pipes need to be

Contaminated water crisis

[ALPS shut-down] Tepco has already transferred 2,500 t of unpurified water to 21 clean tanks

Following up this article.. Multiple nuclide removing system practically in a shutdown state / Not purifying All β nuclides [URL]   The broken multiple nuclide system ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing

Contaminated water crisis

All β density constantly increasing outside of the underground wall / Contamination rising from deep underground ?

Related to this article.. Underground wall on the seaside of reactor3 was possibly broken / Groundwater level in sync with ebb and flow [URL]   All β nuclide (including Strontium-90)

Contaminated water crisis

Pure water → drip on the desalination system floor → 800,000,000 Bq/m3 of All β / Equipment highly contaminated

Following up this article.. Contaminated water leaked from desalination system again / 23,000,000,000 Bq/m3 of All β nuclide detected [URL]   On 3/12/2014, Tepco announced pure water turned to be