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Effects to be confirmed

Japanese citizen “6 people in 50s died in my company since the beginning of this year”

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that 6 people already died in his company this year. The location is Akita prefecture from his past tweets. (cf, Akita governor suddenly had

Effects to be confirmed

Akita governor suddenly had nosebleed during a press conference

      Akita governor Satake Norihisa had nosebleed suddenly during a press conference of 5/26/2014. He was visiting Tokyo the previous day.   He treated it by himself and


Mass death of fish found in Shizuoka and Akita, reason not verified yet

From 4/1/2013 to 4/2/2013, 11,000 of young sweetfish were found dead in Hamamatsu city Shizuoka. About 10,000 was found on 4/1, 1,000 was found on 4/2 in Tenryu gawa. River


Golden and green sailfin sandfish are caught unusually often in Akita West coast of Japan

In Oga city and Nikaho city of Akita prefecture in West coast of Japan, golden sailfin sandfish are caught unusually often. On 12/21/2012, one of the golden sailfin (19cm long)


0.1 Bq/Kg of cesium measured from urine of children in Akita

In Yokote city Akita, cesium is measured from urine of children. The parents had their children have urine test. (November. 2012) (Cs-137) 0.095 Bq/Kg from 5 years old boy 0.1


2 bears died of diarrhea and bloody feces in Akita prefecture

Two asian black bears died of symptoms like diarrhea and bloody feces. They are 8 and 7 years old male, died on 11/15 and 11/16/2012. Another male is having the


Numerous loaches found dead in Akita

  Mass death of fish and worms are often observed in Japan recently. (cf. More than 1,000 bonitos found dead in Wakayama western Japan More than 10,000 earthworms found dead

Effects to be confirmed

Death rate of heart disease in Fukushima became the highest in Japan

Though Fukushima prefecture conceals its health check result data, Akita prefecture publishes the data. It revealed the death rate of heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and renal failure increased since 2010,