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The French embassy in Japan held a dinner party with Fukushima food

According to the French embassy in Japan, they held Fukushima food dinner party on 6/17/2016. Fukushima governor. Uchibori, Minister for Reconstruction. Takagi, and a French singer. Charles Aznavour were invited by the

Sea contamination

Greenpeace “Cesium from fish sold at supermarkets”

According to Greenpeace, cesium is measured from fish sold at supermarkets. From 10/24/2012 to 11/13/2012, Greenpeace purchased 25 samples at major supermarket chains and cesium was measured from 3 of

Support by eating

Support Fukushima by eating is still going-on

They are still pushing the propaganda of “Support Fukushima by eating”. They defined 8/31 as “The day of vegetables”, held a campaign to increase the sales of agricultural products of


Major supermarket chain Aeon sells contaminated food up to 50 Bq/Kg

It’s becoming increasingly impossible to eat safe food in Japan. A major Japanese supermarket chain, “Aeon,” has stopped selling radiation-free food. On 11/8/2011, Aeon announced that they had set their


Largest supermarket chain and Imperial family move their back up in western Japan

  The center of Japan is starting to shift from Tokyo to western Japan. (cf. HSBC is evacuating Japan) The largest Japanese supermarket chain, Aeon Co.ltd decided to send executives