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100 small fish found dead in Koriyama city Fukushima, the reason is unverified

At 8:45 of 3/26/2013, approximately 100 of small fish (2~3cm) were found dead in the river of Koriyama city Fukushima. River and national road department of Fukushima didn’t detect harmful

Domestic and global Environment

Mass of small fish found dead in Fukushima city

On 10/5/2012, In Kurumi river of Fukushima, 200 ~ 300 of small fish were found dead. They were 5cm long. Rivers and national road department of Fukushima analyzed the water

Sea contamination

Japan/korea sea contaminated as much as Tokyo bay

  Tokyo bay is known to be becoming a sea hotspot. (cf. Tokyo bay becoming a hot spot) In this January, Fukushima Diary introduced the opinion of Mr. Hirose Takashi,

Domestic and global Environment

165,000 Bq/Kg from Fukushima river soil

Rivers gone dead. Ministry of the environment conducted radiation tests at 120 points of rivers in Fukushima prefecture. The test was done from 4/29 to 6/20/2012. The highest reading was


76.96 μSv/h at 200m from Fukushima prefectural office

  Following up this article..Fukushima prefectural government resists moving in over 50μSv/h 76.96 μSv/h was measured in the riverbed of Abukuma river in Fukushima city, where is 200m away from

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3,000,000 Bq/m2 of cesium from the dam in Fukushima

  Following up this article..Fukushima local gov is dumping radioactive mud from decontamination to Abukuma river Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology found out high level of cesium