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Japanese emperor and empress to visit 30km area to watch decontamination

On 10/9/2012, the Imperial Household Agency announced emperor and empress are to visit Kawauchi mura in Fukushima on 10/13/2012. Kawauchi mura is in 30km area. Emperor and empress will inspect


Dog survived with the dried meat sticking around the bone of dead cattle, 12km area

Unchained people are giving up living, but animals are fighting to survive in Fukushima. Chained and abandoned animals are yet struggling to live. They don’t think about the meaning of


Recruit for decontamination worker in 20km area

They are starting to know decontamination is inefficient, costly and dangerous. However, they are still recruiting decontamination workers. They decontaminate even in the 20km area. <Translate> MASSIVE recruiting of decontamination


Life in 20km

HCR, an NPO in Minamisoma reported what’s behind the beautiful story about Fukushima. This is the reality. <Quote> 「殺してやりたい」 “wish I could kill him.” おばあちゃんは、耳元で、3度、そう言った。 Old woman said that beside