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More Japanese people are having bruise

(Source) “I don’t remember when I got this but huge bruise are everywhere on my legs.” This kind of the tweets are often observed. Most of them don’t associate it


Twins suffer from radionuclide because of a contaminated car

In Hokkaido, because of only one contaminated car, twins (13) got sick and even a doctor had to give them a medical certificate to tell their symptoms can be from


Minami soma woman “can’t stop bleeding.”

Following up this article http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/12/whats-actually-going-on-to-fukushima-people/ The woman from Minami soma seems to be getting worse. Here is the post of 12/23. さっき、 みなさまから いただいた 貴重な 「 体験 コメント 」 を 拝見していたら