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NRA decided to reduce 70 percent of radiation monitoring posts in Fukushima

On 2/10/2016, NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) announced they are going to abandon 2,500 of 3,600 radiation monitoring posts in Fukushima prefecture from April of 2017. NRA states this is due

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Gunma prefectural government hid I-131 density data in sewage plant sludge from this August

Related to this article.. I-131 detected from dehydrated sludge of sewage plant in Gunma [URL]   Gunma prefectural government decided not to disclose I-131 data of sewage plant sludge from this

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Ministry of Land not disclosing water quality data of Tokyo bay for 2 months

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has not been disclosing the water quality data of seawater in Tokyo Bay since 2 months ago.   The ministry is to analyze the

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Tepco’s ordinary profit broke the highest record of its corporation history / Jumped by 50.4 percent

On 10/29/2015, Tepco announced the interim result of September, 2015. On non-consolidated accounting base, the ordinary profit increased by 57.7 %, which was 338 billion yen (338,400,000,000 JPY). On consolidated

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Hong Kong rice and beef bowl shop declared not to use Fukushima rice and vegetable

On 10/13/2015, a rice and beef bowl shop posted on facebook that they do not use rice and vegetable produced in Fukushima. This shop is a franchise of a Japanese

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3 Fukushima hospitals “No internal exposure detected from 2700 children”

On 10/8/2015, a medical researching group announced they didn’t detect Cs-134/137 from 2,707 victimized children. 3/4 of the children live in Fukushima prefecture. The rest of them evacuated or originally

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Governmental financial support for Tepco summed up to 6 Trillion yen

On 9/28/2015, Tepco announced they are going to receive the 44th financial support from the government of Japan. The announcement is not released in English. The received value is 412

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Maritime Safety Agency uses unusual font in volcano report for potential reverse SEO

Photo : The 7th crater of the volcanic island (7/31/2015).   Related to this article.. Seawater becoming yellowish green in 2km and 4km area offshore volcanic island in South of Tokyo

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JP Gov requested over double amount of account information from Twitter, Inc. in 2015 over last year

According to Twitter, Inc., the government of Japan requested 425 account information of users in the first half of 2015. This is 2.21 times much as the corresponding time of

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Power consumption rate remains only 83.9 percent in Tepco area this summer without any nuclear power

According to Tepco, the ratio of power consumption and supply stays only 83.9% this summer, which is without nuclear power. This is the average of maximum ratio from July to 8/9/2015