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Food contamination Misinformation Sea contamination Support by eating

Japanese new propaganda “Eat fish”

  38,000 Bq/Kg of cesium was detected from Fukushima fish. (cf. 38,000 Bq/kg from Fukushima fish) Radiation is still leaking from Fukushima plant, fishery food is obviously contaminated. People avoid

Misinformation Support by eating

More hospital food will be from contaminated area

  Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is spreading the propaganda called “Support by eating”. They are pushing food from contaminated area even to hospital and senior citizens’ home. On


[English illiterate top echelons] NHK “Fukushima crisis is still on-going”

Though NHK has almost never covered Ajisai protest of every Friday, NHK world reported the 716 protest in Tokyo. On the report, NHK reporter commented “The crisis at the facility

Domestic and global Environment Misinformation

[Derangement] Let’s drink tap water campaign in Fukushima

  Following up this article..Water contamination reached west Kanagawa Having radiation reach the river in Kanagawa over 200km away from Fukushima, Iwaki city is having the campaign of “Let’s drink


Rebelled NHK announcer purged

Following up this article..An NHK spokes man rebelled against NHK NHK decided to close his twitter account. This twitter account was handled by Hori Jun, an NHK announcer. He was


“Kill the evacuating family”

Exactly as how it was in WWW2, evacuating people are starting to be criticized. Whether it was toll hired by Dentsu or from infinite stupidity, it’s worth of posting a


Propaganda site is taking too long to finish

    The Agency of Natural Resources and Energy was planning to make a website to spread the correct information by last September, but it still hasn’t been finished. Mid