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Iori Mochizuki, author of Fukushima Diary


Name: Iori Mochizuki

Japanese, male, 27 years old.
Living in Yokohama.

Occupation: Civil engineer
Occupation2: Exporting Japanese pop culture goods.


Mirror site ; http://24000years.tumblr.com/

(I recommend you to follow it just in case.)


  1. LH
    LH 6 September, 2011, 06:49


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    • Mochizuki
      Mochizuki 6 September, 2011, 18:06


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      • Gabriele Goettle
        Gabriele Goettle 1 January, 2012, 12:48

        Sehr geehrter Herr Mochizuki,

        ich bin eine deutsche Schriftstellerin und Journalistin u. Leserin Ihres informativen Tagebuches
        Hier sende ich Ihnen einen Link zu einem Text zu Tschernobyl (auch mit Bezug auf Fukushima)
        Vielleicht haben Sie die Möglichkeit, es sich übersetzen zu lassen. Es paßt sehr gut zu Ihren Ausführungen.
        Mit vielen Grüßen
        Gabriele Goettle

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        • R. Sch.
          R. Sch. 5 January, 2012, 05:56

          Sehr geehrte Frau Goettle,

          vielen Dank für gleich zwei Artikel, in denen die lebensgefährlichen Kinder der Kernenergie beim Namen genannt werden!
          Verharmlosung kennt leider auch keine Grenze zur Kriminalität und da wie auch Deutschland alle Atomländer verharmlosen MÜSSEN, sind deren Bürger nun mal auf solche Hilfen zur Selbsthilfe angewiesen. Schauen Sie sich nur mal die Seite der Deutschen Botschaft Tokyo und ihre “Reisehinweise und Kriseninformationen” an: Müssen Sie lachen, weinen oder kotzen?

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    • め
      16 November, 2012, 08:01








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  2. UFS76
    UFS76 16 September, 2011, 08:35

    Thank you very much for the great work you are doing here. News about the Japan nuclear crisis from mainstream media cannot be trusted. Keep it up!

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    • More people should be like you
      More people should be like you 18 June, 2012, 20:02

      Thank you for your indepth unbiased information. People like Iori are the last stand for freedom…period. I have not found a more broad-based coverage of news related
      information yet. You are a testament of goodness in the human race.

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  3. Tori Pine
    Tori Pine 21 September, 2011, 13:56

    I hear of your site thru other sites and hope you can continue reporting after you leave Japan. When do you leave? Safe Travels

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  4. Yukari Sekine
    Yukari Sekine 3 October, 2011, 06:56

    Hi, I’m a journalism student writing from Brazil. I was wondering if the translations are done by volunteers and if you need people translating into Portuguese. I was also wondering how you are finding your sources. Good job.

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    • Mochizuki
      Mochizuki 3 October, 2011, 08:20

      We are working as a group called Translate Fukushima.http://www.facebook.com/groups/204109909652224/?id=218112438251971&notif_t=group_activity
      We have been looking for a Spanish / Portuguese translator. If you kindly help us,that would be awesome.
      As to the source,we spend hours on the internet everyday 🙂

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      • Amparo Guillem
        Amparo Guillem 8 October, 2013, 03:44

        Greetings from Alicante, Spain:

        Thanks very much for your work and your honesty.

        I will love to help traslating into spanish.

        Saludos cordiales,

        Amparo Guillem

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    • health insurance
      health insurance 17 February, 2019, 15:01

      Can I just say what a relief to uncover somebody who actually knows what they are discussing
      online. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important.

      More people ought to look at this and understand this side of your story.
      I can’t believe you aren’t more popular because you certainly possess the gift.

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  5. Joseph Ryan
    Joseph Ryan 5 October, 2011, 14:43

    Dear Iori Mochizuki,

    Please email me as I think we can help you by working with you.

    I have two children and we evacuated Tokyo and live in Kyoto.

    Please email ASAP


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    • David Lazarof
      David Lazarof 25 October, 2012, 21:59

      We lived in japan and evacuated too.
      I want to help Iori too, do you know his personal email, I am searching.
      Let me know if you have his contact info.

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  6. Bryan
    Bryan 7 October, 2011, 08:47

    Very impressed with your site and I’ve been following for a while .. Email me if you get the shot, I’d love to ask some more questions


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  7. Lorenzo Malowane
    Lorenzo Malowane 10 October, 2011, 17:20

    Hello, I would love to publish some of your news in our newspaper this coming month, or sooner. Would it be possible to get some high res. images to go with the stories..any would work, but especially the ones of the `mutated`fruit, vegetable and flowers…thanks so much.

    604-565-0721, if you like…cheers

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  8. Giuseppe
    Giuseppe 16 October, 2011, 01:23

    Great work Iori. Thanks a lot and please keep it alive.

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    STLCSU 30 October, 2011, 19:52

    Iori, your work is really outstanding. I have 3 question that maybe you could use as bases for entries in your blog:
    1) comparative analisys, if possible, of the long term effects of WWII nuclear bombing of Japan and Fukushima (mutation rates, radiations levels, etc.);
    2) I read in a blog that the Japanese goverment (?) is killing *** in gas chambers*** hundreds of cats and dogs from the Fukushima zone. Is this abomination true?
    3) does exist some data on the mutation rates in animal species in the Fukushima affected zone? I saw the photo you published on the mutaded rose: what about the effect un fast generation species, as, eg, cats? I DON’T WANT TO SEE PHOTOS: I was shocked enough by the ones of the roses, but want only to give you an incentive about an new branch of investigation…

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  10. Jobe
    Jobe 4 November, 2011, 10:32


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  11. Luke
    Luke 7 November, 2011, 06:00

    Hi Lori,

    I just wanted to check in and say keep up the good work.


    Luke(Australian Cannonball Nuclear News)

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    • Luke
      Luke 7 November, 2011, 06:01

      I also added your site as a live feed on mine. The more news on this subject the better.

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  12. FrankLloydReich
    FrankLloydReich 8 November, 2011, 00:48

    Nuclear Expert: Monbiot “Criminally Irresponsible” For Downplaying Fukushima
    Paul Joseph Watson
    March 28, 2011
    Prominent nuclear and radiation expert Dr. Christopher Busby has slammed British global warming alarmist George Monbiot as being “criminally irresponsible” for writing a series of articles for the Guardian in which Monbiot downplays the threat of radiation from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in a bid to shore up his claims about man-made climate change being a far deadlier concern.
    In the wake of Fukushima, we have seen numerous self-proclaimed environmentalists who are normally so quick to raise the alarm about devastation caused by man-made global warming, actually downplaying the environmental concerns attached to the Fukushima crisis, radiation, and nuclear power in general.
    Chief amongst them is prominent British environmentalist George Monbiot, who in an article for the London Guardian last week entitled, Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power, wrote that critics of how Fukushima is being handled had, “wildly exaggerated the dangers of radioactive pollution”.
    “As a result of the disaster at Fukushima, I am no longer nuclear-neutral. I now support the technology,” added Monbiot.
    Monbiot’s bizarre nuclear “kool-aid” moment was perhaps written in haste at a time when he believed Japanese claims that the crisis was diminishing. But in the past few days, the situation at Fukushima has worsened considerably. Officials hastily retracted numbers yesterday which suggested that radiation levels in the containment building of reactor number 2 were an astounding 10 million times above normal. In addition, water purifications plants across Japan have been told to stop taking in rainwater as radiation levels in the atmosphere continue to rise.
    Monbiot’s rhetoric is a stark reminder that many leading environmentalists don’t give a damn about real threats to the environment, preferring instead to spend all their time obsessing about carbon dioxide emissions and thinking up new ways to exploit global warming fearmongering as a means of controlling every aspect of our lives.
    While weaving terrorizing scenarios about man-made climate change making whole areas of the planet uninhabitable, most notably the island of Tuvulu, which global warming alarmists already claim has been abandoned due to rising sea levels when in fact its population has doubled in the past three decades, alarmists like Monbiot don’t seem to be too fussed when real environmental catastrophes like Chernobyl really do make entire regions uninhabitable.
    Indeed, others have gone even further. Columnist Ann Coulter appeared on Fox News to ludicrously proclaim that exposure to radiation was “good for you”. Given that she’s so enamoured with the apparent health benefits of radioactive fallout, which new studies blame for nearly a million cancer deaths in the 25 years since Chernobyl, we offered to send Coulter on an all-expenses paid holiday to Fukushima. We’ve not heard back from her.
    During an interview with Paul Joseph Watson on The Alex Jones Show, nuclear expert Dr. Christopher Busby savaged Monbiot for dismissing the innumerable health and environmental threats posed by radiation exposure. Busby is a British scientist and former Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risks.
    “I have to say that I know George Monbiot and he doesn’t know anything,” said Busby, adding that Monbiot’s claims were “total nonsense,” “tosh,” and that it was “criminally irresponsible for him to write what he writes given that he doesn’t know anything.”
    Busby also explained how Monbiot had approached him two years ago for information about the effects of low dose radiation and how he had gone to some length to write an article for Monbiot which he subsequently ignored. “He’s quite ignorant, he’s an ignorant person when it comes to this,” said Busby.
    “The nonsense he is writing now is much more dangerous because it’s in the middle of a crisis when people are being exposed to these radionuclides and becoming contaminated,” said Busby, before predicting a “very large and measurable increase in cancer and other ill health after this accident,” for people living in northern Japan and Tokyo.
    Busby, who warned that the situation at Fukushima was already worse than Chernobyl, openly challenged Monbiot to a live television debate on the issue.
    “I do court cases on this issue and win them, so the evidence is just massive that he’s wrong,” said Busby, adding, “I’ve researched this stuff for 20 years, I’ve written two research papers on it, I’ve studied epidemiological correlations between radiation and health – I know what I’m talking about, these people don’t know what they’re talking about,” he said.
    Watch the full interview below. The comments about Monbiot begin after the 13:30 mark.

    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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  13. FrankLloydReich
    FrankLloydReich 8 November, 2011, 00:58

    Published: November 6th, 2011 at 09:40 AM
    German radiation professor warns of possible nuclear explosion at Fukushima
    Date: Nov. 5, 2011
    Headline: German radiation expert warns: “Fukushima nuclear bomb in the mini-scale”
    Caption: Radiation expert: Fukushima is like mini atomic bomb — The German radiation expert Professor Edmund Lengfelder warns against further nuclear explosion in the nuclear horror. Fukushima was a “kind of atomic bomb in the mini-scale”
    How dangerous are the horror Fukushima really is?
    Tokyo – After an uncontrolled nuclear fission a few days ago, warns the German radiation expert Professor Edmund Lengfelder from further nuclear explosion in Fukushima.
    “There is a spontaneous fission – because anything can happen, even if one says, it is not likely. But what is to be kept of statements about probabilities, we have on 11 Seen in March, “said the founder of the Society for Radiological Protection. […]
    In plain language: [xenon] can not originate from the meltdown of the March. In Fukushima, it comes back to uncontrolled meltdowns.
    Therefore Lengfelder compares the horror with a nuclear bomb in the mini-scale attacks and the operator: “Tepco is even further than previously claimed, away to get things under control.”
    In view of reports of an uncontrolled nuclear fission reactor accident in Japan’s Fukushima Munich Radiation expert warns of Prof. Edmund Lengfelder of the possibility of a nuclear explosion.
    It would be “a kind of mini-nuclear bomb in the scale,” said Lengfelder the dpa news agency. “The probability, however I can not estimate at all,” said radiation expert. Because nobody knows how much enriched uranium as coalesced into how the derelict nuclear power plant units. It had been found, the radioisotopes 133 and 135 of the xenon gas.
    Because these are products of nuclear fission, which have only a half-life of about five days and nine hours, they could not come from the time of the accident in March , “There is there a spontaneous fission – can happen because everything, even if they say, it is not likely. But what is to be kept of statements about probabilities, we have on 11 March seen, Lengfelder said.
    At that time had seriously damaged a strength in this unexpected earthquake and a tsunami and the nuclear power plant caused the meltdown. In a functioning reactor is maintained in the words of experts, the chain reaction by control rods under control. “But it is this control in a meltdown so no longer.”
    Lengfelder had after the meltdown at Chernobyl 25 years ago the Society for Radiological Protection and the Munich-based Otto Hug Radiation Institute. He cared for people with thyroid cancer today in the former Soviet disaster area. The radiation expert also criticized the crisis management in Japan. “For me, it is also inhumane, that in such a wealthy country like Japan, people still live in the gyms. That there was not even on the Soviets “The evacuation after Chernobyl have worked much better.”

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  14. FrankLloydReich
    FrankLloydReich 8 November, 2011, 00:59

    Japan Nuclear Disaster Released Higher Radiation Levels Than Previously Reported, Study Finds
    MALCOLM RITTER 10/27/11 11:54 PM ET
    NEW YORK — The Fukushima nuclear disaster released twice as much of a radioactive substance into the atmosphere as Japanese authorities estimated, reaching 40 percent of the total from Chernobyl, a preliminary report says.
    The estimate of much higher levels of radioactive cesium-137 comes from a worldwide network of sensors. Study author Andreas Stohl of the Norwegian Institute for Air Research says the Japanese government estimate came only from data in Japan, and that would have missed emissions blown out to sea.
    The study did not consider health implications of the radiation. Cesium-137 is dangerous because it can last for decades in the environment, releasing cancer-causing radiation.
    The long-term effects of the nuclear accident are unclear because of the difficulty of measuring radiation amounts people received.
    In a telephone interview, Stohl said emission estimates are so imprecise that finding twice the amount of cesium isn’t considered a major difference. He said some previous estimates had been higher than his.
    The journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics posted the report online for comment, but the study has not yet completed a formal review by experts in the field or been accepted for publication.
    Last summer, the Japanese government estimated that the March 11 Fukushima accident released 15,000 terabecquerels of cesium. Terabecquerels are a radiation measurement. The new report from Stohl and co-authors estimates about 36,000 terabecquerels through April 20. That’s about 42 percent of the estimated release from Chernobyl, the report says.
    An official at the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, the Japanese government branch overseeing such findings, said the agency could not offer any comment on the study because it had not reviewed its contents.
    It also says about a fifth of the cesium fell on land in Japan, while most of the rest fell into the Pacific Ocean. Only about 2 percent of the fallout came down on land outside Japan, the report concluded.
    Experts have no firm projections about how many cancers could result because they’re still trying to find out what doses people received. Some radiation from the accident has also been detected in Tokyo and in the United States, but experts say they expect no significant health consequences there.
    Still, concern about radiation is strong in Japan. Many parents of small children in Tokyo worry about the discovery of radiation hotspots even though government officials say they don’t pose a health risk. And former prime minister Naoto Kan has said the most contaminated areas inside the evacuation zone could be uninhabitable for decades.
    Stohl also noted that his study found cesium-137 emissions dropped suddenly at the time workers started spraying water on the spent fuel pool from one of the reactors. That challenges previous thinking that the pool wasn’t emitting cesium, he said.

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  15. momofagirlof7yearsofage
    momofagirlof7yearsofage 14 November, 2011, 06:37

    Hello IORIsan

    Thanks for your efforts. I understand how tough it is facing reality and looking toward a different direction when majority is looking the other way around, especially in this country…However with no doubt I bet your work is appreciated worldwide.

    Best regards

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  16. sakura
    sakura 16 November, 2011, 06:36

    Thank you for the news on this site. I am sorry that you are not well and hope you can evacuate (with the turtles too.)

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  17. Stalker
    Stalker 17 November, 2011, 21:22

    Apple commercial? fu**ing stupid!?!?!?

    Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?

    Fukushima may in fact have been caused by an act of war under the cover of an environmental disaster.


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  18. Stalker
    Stalker 17 November, 2011, 21:34

    Coincidences reveal secret codes

    November 11, 1918 – The Armistice of World War I was signed in a railway carriage in Compiègne Forest on 11 November 1918.

    September 11, 2001 – Attack on the World Trade Center

    March 11, 2004 – Terrorist attack in Madrid (911 days after September 11, 2001)!

    January 11, 2010 – Earthquake in Haiti

    March 11, 2011 – Earthquake and tsunami in Japan

    May 11, 2011 – Unusual earthquake in Spain

    Just a coincidence?

    Numerology was developed in ancient pagan religion of Babylon. It is a fact that numerology was adopted by the Nazi-zionist, a secret society behind the governments, religions, intelligence agencies and major business organizations worldwide.

    Tsunami Bomb in WW2


    Did US secret weapons cause Japan’s earthquake and tsunami?


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  19. Joni Rae
    Joni Rae 20 November, 2011, 00:56

    It is with great respect for all the work you are doing that I am posting videos on you tube about your site and information. I hope this is agreeable to you and I hope many people lend their support. If you do not want me to continue posting your work please let me know and I shall stop immediately.
    Joni Rae

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    • Mochizuki
      Mochizuki 20 November, 2011, 02:05

      Thank you thank you thank you. Why would I say no to that ? Much appreciation from my soul.

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  20. Samson
    Samson 28 November, 2011, 14:59


    some of your ad’s contains links to


    One of the ad is this with the big “play” and “download” buttons.

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  21. Kira
    Kira 6 December, 2011, 16:07


    Thank you for your dedication to telling the truth about what is happening in Japan.

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  22. Contemplatix
    Contemplatix 7 December, 2011, 10:08

    Dear Iori,

    I would very much like to send you a (sincere and encouraging) personal e-mail rather than put a public comment onto your website. If you don’t mind, could you send me a brief note to the e-mail address sent along with this message so I have an address I can write to?

    In any case, all the best and good tidings, so much needed now, for you and your dear family,


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  23. Jethro
    Jethro 11 December, 2011, 09:45

    Regarding how the earthquake relief donations are being used for whaling.


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  24. classified
    classified 13 December, 2011, 10:07

    Just curious why you took off the facebook like and the comments as well on your normal pages?

    I thought it was helping you to get popularity and spread the word.

    btw, you shouldn’t have worried about getting rid of your stuff. You should have just packed needed materials and left the country. You’re wasting time staying in Japan, Japan and money.

    Just get needed things and Leave and claim asylum or something in another country.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

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  25. Knight007
    Knight007 14 December, 2011, 15:15


    If you want to relocate to Poland I may help you and give all the information you will need, if you want to settle down here.You would need about 1000-1500$ monthly to live here comfortable.

    Contact me if you are interested and I will help you out.


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  26. CaptD
    CaptD 14 December, 2011, 20:39

    Unbilievab­le use of Japan relief money!
    Tsunami Relief: Help People Not Whalers
    Right now, the Japanese whaling fleet is barrelling south to hunt thousands of majestic whales, escorted by a 30 million dollar security force paid for out of the tsunami disaster relief fund!

    Anti-whali­ng champions were successful­ly blocking the Japanese whale hunt — which is exactly why the Japanese government decided to swipe money from relief efforts to stop the activists from bothering the boats while they engage in their brutal slaughter.

    If we can stop the whaling security and get the relief money back for desperate Japanese citizens still languishin­g in radioactiv­e hotspots, we could help end the whale hunt for good. Japanese PM Noda is already under enormous pressure after scandalous failures to compensate victims of the nuclear disaster. A massive global outcry can spark outrage inside and outside Japan and force Noda to use precious relief funds to save people, not kill whales – sign the petition on the right and share this campaign with everyone.

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  27. CaptD
    CaptD 14 December, 2011, 20:44

    Let me suggest a “TIP” button so folks can send you things you might want to post!

    Your site is very popular with the “Japanese Irregulars” a group that has been posting on Fukushima’s Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster since 3/11 on Huffington Post.
    Latest thread: http://is.gd/0Rhydg

    Salute to you, you are a HERO (to the Japanese People) in our opinion!

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  28. dharma
    dharma 26 December, 2011, 04:14

    Mochikuzi, I would like to extend additional ideas and possibly assistance to you. I prefer to do this via email. If you would like to discuss this, send me a message so we can talk. Thanks.

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  29. patman
    patman 31 December, 2011, 00:51

    Finally, a face to the man.

    Thank you, Iori Mochizuki, for your work bringing us news of this humanitarian disaster.

    No I didn’t donate, when I get back to work, I will.

    You are a patriot and you are a hero. I tried to carry these messages to our people in Canada, but the black-out has been complete here. The important stuff got pushed through on our national broadcaster’s comment boards; best that could be done with what one has.

    I will pray for your continued health and longevity. You took the hard road; we would be lost if not for you and the others.

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  30. whither shall we go?
    whither shall we go? 1 January, 2012, 13:10

    You rock! I hope you are having a good, healthier New Year, as you deserve! Thanks again for the interesting coverage & commentary on your Diary! Your courage and intelligence is so apparent and commendable! Good luck & God bless us all!~

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    • whither shall we go?
      whither shall we go? 1 January, 2012, 13:31

      p.s. I knew you would make friends easily wherever you go! They will look out for you! 😉 I’ll never forget how “strangers” abroad helped me with directions, bags, and when I injured my leg once in Croatia, they actually carried me (!) to my transport, although I couldn’t speak or even pronounce more than a few words of their language! It was so kind and touching. I’ll never forget that. I hope you have a similar positive experience wherever you go!…
      p.p.s. I learned that Brazilians, Iranians, and Australians are especially great fellow travelers as well. 🙂

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  31. Alex
    Alex 6 January, 2012, 22:18

    Thankyou for being so courageous and open minded! Keep up the good work and stay safe!


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  32. ano
    ano 13 January, 2012, 19:14

    Is there a possibility to download the current data of this blog in order to mirror it?
    Are there any German translations of articles on a regular basis?

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  33. ano
    ano 6 February, 2012, 02:13

    Please, provide a mirror-package of your news archive!

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  34. Jan
    Jan 6 February, 2012, 16:39

    Dear Mochizuki-san,
    Thank you so much for your open minded and frankly speaking writing and news. Please keep going with this.
    If you need any material help, please let me know. Be safe.

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  35. butler43
    butler43 7 February, 2012, 23:56

    I have a couple of questions maybe someone can answer:
    1. I have heard that the southern hemisphere has not been contaminated. If so would food be ok from here to eat?
    2. I may have a way of getting a large quantity (shipping container) of zeolite encapsulated so people can start taking it to mitigate some of the radiation in their bodies. Can I let them know on your forum/website:

    I thank you most sincerely. If it weren’t for you and a few others we would know nothing of what is going on with this catastrophic situation. Humanity’s future, I believe, is held in the balance. At this point, even if things dont’ get any worse and I think that is unlikely, I don’t know how we come back from this.
    At some point, the number of sick and dying will not be able to be hidden. What a price to pay for the truth when there are things that can be done to help, i.e. remove the spent fuel rods immediately; send in experts whether or not they get contaminated. Find out what is happening with the cores. At Chernobyl at least they attempted to protect the people whereas the people of Japan are being betrayed.
    I have offered my home to a family or children although I live in the Rockies and we are getting four times the amount of airborne radiation than Japan.
    I stand ready to help.

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  36. Josefin
    Josefin 15 February, 2012, 15:28

    I’m from Sweden. I have not heard anything about the situation in Japan since March 11 2011. It worries me that it’s so quiet. How is it with the radiation in the water? Can you drink it and eat the fish etc? Is it safe somewhere?

    Best Regards

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  37. D
    D 16 February, 2012, 03:18

    If you need any translations to/from swedish send me an e-mail.


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  38. kendra
    kendra 16 February, 2012, 21:57

    hallo, I am nearly 60 years old and my english knowledge is not so good. but I am very interessted for the articles of this site, reading them since middle of september. I think it is a very good information and missed it so much the last 2 days. please, don’t let this site die!

    greetings from germany

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  39. Gaëlle
    Gaëlle 17 February, 2012, 06:25

    Hello Iori, I’m Gaëlle from France (Brittany). Thanks for the courage and skill in posting such sensible news on the web. It may be saving a lot more than what we could evaluate just now. May every suffering being know he is not alone. May any one in danger have a chance to rescue.

    At the moment, or the soonest possible, those who keep on denying the danger of nuclear technology may be loosing their own sense of hope, and will need a renewal. Lightening, this idea that enemies are created because of weapons, and not the inverse. It will help a lot.
    I wanted to greet you and the diary’s involved and readers before you close it, as you annonced you had to go on on SNS. You asked points of view about it, me I’m one of those too shy to use sns … for the moment. In any case I’m shure your work will be more and more efficient – and I will try to have news.

    In spite of weakness, when you get a rest I wish you dream in kindness ; the present is inordinatly painfull and hazardous, we must stay strong and … yes, kawaii – what a nice page – even if it gets harder. Keltic encouragements and firm hopes.

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  40. Pflugbeil
    Pflugbeil 17 February, 2012, 12:31

    Dear Iori Morizuki,
    I have nearly each day studied your excellent blog. You should know, that for non-Japanese people it is very difficult to get reliable informations about the actual situation. Your blog is a very useful format – short text and the source, so that important details could be controlled. My position to facebook and twitter – that is a form of nearly not controllable contacting with a lot of trash without depth, not suitable for systematic research over longer time. I would urge you not to finish the blog – and to win more time for you, to reduce the facebook and twitter activity.
    I would like to inform, that the “donate” way to support your blog does not work from Germany, I could not find out, why.
    Last suggestion: I am an old man and have problems to disuss with peoples with a nickname, only. Especially in controversial topics it is very important to know, who has written the message.

    I would be very interested to meet you. You have my email address. Could you send me, please, a way to find you in Japan?
    Thanks for your engagement, it is motivation for myself further to work in the nuclear critique field.
    Sebastian Pflugbeil

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  41. ano
    ano 18 February, 2012, 04:43

    Please, please never ever close this side. Instead of implementing fb-content, please use your time to provide an easy way of mirroring the information. Authenticity of data is so important. You could introduce hash-sums for articles (or their respective mirror) on this blog.

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  42. Chrischi
    Chrischi 3 March, 2012, 05:23

    Perhaps it is intresting for you.

    there are some japanese pdf documents about the reaktors but i can’t reed them.

    On that website you can see many high resolution photos of Fukushima, video examinations of the reactors (by robots and by drones) and much more.


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  43. rosinha
    rosinha 3 March, 2012, 12:13

    uer assistir canais de TV por assinatura em seu PC http://www.tvhd.com.br

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  44. Toadvine
    Toadvine 8 March, 2012, 21:41


    Please keep up the great work. I know it must seem so hard at times but you are doing noble work. I lived in Fukushima (Koriyama City) for 14 years. I am out of there now but I try to spread what is going on in Fukushima whenever I can. Most people just have no idea. Please do not give up. Ignore all the idiots out there who seek to deride you. Please contact me at my mail if you want.

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  45. Dirk Sandhorst
    Dirk Sandhorst 9 March, 2012, 07:33

    Hello, I wanted to donate yesterday 25 $ , because I think, your website gives very valuable information, which are not found on other sites, which I know.

    But there was only an error message, where I could only Read paypal. The rest was in Japanese.

    Please continue with your good work.


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  46. InfoPest
    InfoPest 10 March, 2012, 18:47

    I know this might upset you but I thought you should see the latest propaganda from the Nuclear Industry. The video really sucks.


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  47. pipi
    pipi 11 March, 2012, 09:39


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  48. Chrischi
    Chrischi 11 March, 2012, 12:38

    Here is a Documentation you should really watch!

    http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/beitrag/video/1576888/ZDFzoom-Die-Fukushima-Luege (The Fukushima Lie)

    it is made by the german tv ZDF.
    It is about the japanes atom lobby and the cooperation with the japanese goverment. People who are well attituded to that lobby are getting good jobs at tepco, goverment or university. Naoto Kan becomes to critical about that lobby. so they got rid of him.
    people who worked at tepco getting a job at the japanese goverment – after that they are working for tepco again (amukadari).

    at last they talk about a worst case cenario…
    if the reactor 4 building would collape, there will be so much radiation that no people could stay allive close-by. Without workers the reactors 1,2,3,5,6 would get recritical and more…

    I hope you know someone who can translate this shocking video for you.
    my english is not good enough to translate.

    ps: if this video is not available from non german ip’s mail me (there are manny ways bypassing a local barrier e.g using tor network with an exit server in germany)

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  49. Dave
    Dave 21 March, 2012, 20:32

    Thank you for all of your articles. I am writing about this on my site and mainly about how it affects people even down in Okinawa. I am using a lot of your articles as sources for mine, but will always be putting links back to this site.

    Keep up the excellent work, trying to let people know what is happening.

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  50. Greg
    Greg 26 March, 2012, 12:20

    Thank You. This is the only site I know, in english, with real news from Japan. Here in Texas, USA, no one talks about it. Few think it’s still a problem. The only story lately was a photo gallery of before and after covering the tsunami cleanup. It was in the NY Times I think, and it was used to say, “See, everything is OK now.” This story is not going away and it’s not OK.

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  51. Thomas
    Thomas 27 March, 2012, 15:23

    Hello, a fairly large internet news station is hiring and are looking for reporters/journalists with stories regarding behind the scenes of things, as well as not reported but important information, and I do think if you at least send a video with yourself reading the stories you’ve covered that you feel most important you would be likely hired. If not you can ask, and they will most likely oblige, to become a partner for their site and channel, this will get you much more readers as well as a possible source of income to fnd your own website, please email me and I will provide reccomendations. I think this is a way to grow your support and reader base.

    Thanks, Thomas

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  52. John Anderson
    John Anderson 27 March, 2012, 17:24

    Exceedingly informative cheers, I do believe your current visitors would possibly want further information such as this keep up the good hard work.

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  53. GeekLucia
    GeekLucia 11 April, 2012, 15:29

    Buenas! Me ha parecido muy bien 🙂

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  54. nuko
    nuko 3 May, 2012, 16:22

    Hi, Iori san

    Please check this article.


    I think it is a very important issue…

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  55. MiebMieb
    MiebMieb 12 May, 2012, 14:25

    Dear Iori Mochizuki,

    my name is Melanie and I come from germany. I was thinking a lot about how I can help you. I have plenty of time so if you need a translator into german I would like to do my best. Just E-Mail me.

    looking forward to your answer


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  56. MiebMieb
    MiebMieb 12 May, 2012, 14:32

    Dear Iori Mochizuki,

    my name is Melanie and I come from germany. I was thinking a lot about how I can help you. I have plenty of time so if you need someone to translate your texts I will do my best. Just send me an E-Mail.

    Looking forward to your answer


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  57. MiebMieb
    MiebMieb 12 May, 2012, 14:33

    I´m sorry for double posting. I thought it wasn´t send. Please just delete one of the comments.
    Thank you

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  58. Ken
    Ken 12 May, 2012, 21:22

    I’m offering “suggestions” for how to fix Fukashima and you “delete” them…so I take it you know better than anybody what will and will not work…hmm how far has that gotten you or Fukashima so far? Funny but thats the kind of Pompous,Elitist and.. Stupid thinking that created the Fukashima Disaster in the first place!
    Hope you get all you deserve!

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    • Intel Agent
      Intel Agent 26 June, 2012, 03:41
      • Some guy
        Some guy 4 September, 2012, 20:06

        Not a whiner. A narcissist with sociopathic tendencies suffering from delusions of relevance (and possibly dangerous). Besides, if he can “fix” Fukushima then he should email the Prime Minister of Japan right away rather than post vitriol on blog comment sections, lol.

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  59. Tofu Mary
    Tofu Mary 26 May, 2012, 23:07

    Iori, you mentioned you were traveling to the US soon. If you are interested in gratis accomodations with a host family in September, please email me privately as I might have a connection for you. Keep up the wonderful work!

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  60. Steve
    Steve 31 May, 2012, 03:21

    Iori Mochizuki,

    I think you should start calling for a military coup in Japan. Your Government has betrayed you and you need a powerful force to arrest them – for crimes against humanity. The Government is allowing people to be killed without taking any reasonable actions to prevent this.

    Also, the destroyed reactors MUST be entombed as soon as possible. The present actions are insufficient. The course ahead is straightforward but difficult. Decisive action is needed.

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  61. ジェイソン
    ジェイソン 17 June, 2012, 05:19

    Thank you for providing a wealth of information, Mochizuki-san. I’ve noticed that your site has been very slow to load recently. I would like to help you speed things up.

    Please contact me if you’re interested.

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  62. コーチ バッグ
    コーチ バッグ 20 June, 2012, 14:18

    If you desire to improve your familiarity just keep visiting this website and be updated with the hottest gossip posted here.

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  63. john bertucci
    john bertucci 26 June, 2012, 03:05

    I have been following you since the beginning (offered room in California…
    have recently begun a local action group FukushimaResponse in Northern California (.org)
    am presently in France – am I correct in thinking you are here too?
    if possible, I would be honored to meet you…
    (please respond directly to our website or my email here)
    merci pour tous ce que vous faites!

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  64. Intel Agent
    Intel Agent 26 June, 2012, 03:52

    Superb righteousness, you are a beacon of light in the darkness, you have one of me on your side forever more. Well done iori, well done.

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  65. Janno
    Janno 10 July, 2012, 15:49

    I would like to thank you and everyone else that helps make this site happen. I was going to visit Japan on the 15th of March right after the quake. I hope everyone takes note that the attitude which results in these tragic disasters is EVERYWHERE, regardless of government or race, Tepco just got caught with their hands in a big jar of money. And instead of spending some of that to safeguard peoples lives, they kept it, because everyone was in on it. Too bad you can’t cool down an overheated reactor with wads of cash! The problem isn’t nuclear power, the problem is people.

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  66. Reacter
    Reacter 14 July, 2012, 18:36

    Dear Mochizuki-san,

    I know a lot about marketing and I think I know how we can break the media blackout in Japan. My idea involves Texas Ranger pitcher Yu Darvish. Please contact me at once because the opportunity is right now. I am in Ontario, Canada and with your help I will spend the money to make it happen.

    Sakito hantai,


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  67. FC
    FC 16 July, 2012, 09:53

    Keep up the good work!
    All of us who do not read/speak Japanese depend on you!

    Here is an important article on keeping nuke industry spies out of your ‘comments’ section. It is really eye-opening.

    “Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum” etc.


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  68. Maria
    Maria 18 July, 2012, 21:09

    I thought you would be interested in seeing this vid. Nuclear physicist explains that the dangers of nuclear waste has been exaggerated. I believe our governments have misled us about nuclear waste. I hope all is well, and this info relieves some fears.


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  69. David Shultz
    David Shultz 24 July, 2012, 01:33

    Dear Lori-san: I am a Canadian living in Vancouver, BC. I have been following the events in Japan and elsewhere in regard to the crisis in Fukushima and I would like to offer my assistance. I believe that there is enough material available to produce a video that can be sold to raise money and maintain interest in the situation. What I have in mind is actually a series of annual videos that focuses on a class of Fukushima school children and their families over their lives. It is imperative that people identify with the situation and watching what happens to them over time will certainly accomplish that. I believe your website, Fukushima Diary, is the ideal home for such a project and that it would generate ongoing financial assistance for decades. Respectfully, David W. Shultz

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  70. Pamela Shioya
    Pamela Shioya 25 July, 2012, 21:18

    Dear Mochizuki-san,
    Thank you so much for your great work! I am a nikkei journalist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I referred your information among other sources, in these articles in Spanish:

    I hope I can help to democratize information and decision-making. For one side, my grandparents were born in (utukushima) Fukushima and relatives still continue living there. And on another side, the Argentinian government is encouraging nuclear power plants installation without asking population whether we want this kind of energy with its uncountable costs.


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  71. Bec
    Bec 12 August, 2012, 06:17

    Hello Mochizuki-san, I’ve been following your blog ever since I’ve been researching on whether it was safe or not to travel to Japan after 3.11. I have recently traveled to Tokyo for four days at the end of July. Not sure whether or not that will actually affect my health, but I am grateful to have gotten a chance to visit such a beautiful country and am incredibly sad that there may not be future opportunities to go due to radiation fears. What you are doing here is very heroic, I am a student in the United States and I hope I can write for my University’s newspaper this year in order to inform people about Fukushima. It’s a long and endless battle, but if we can persevere and even affect the thinking of one person in our lives, it may help us out. I will continue to stay hopeful and check this blog. Thank you for your hard work!

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  72. garlo
    garlo 13 August, 2012, 11:42

    i v just send you 14$ via paypal.

    I m a musician living in Bordeaux / France. I m working on a song ” No Nukes ” with Takeshi Suzuki a japanese guitarist who is in France for a month.
    I m looking for Tepco & Japanese government sentences about the non-dangerosity of Fukushima & nuclear plants ( lies / false facts …. ) to make the song.

    example : “In short term,it is not harmful”/ Edano San ( about safety” limit, such as 500 Bq/Kg for vegetables, allowed to be distribute.

    It can be in Japanese or in English.

    Bravo for your work.

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    • Mochizuki
      Mochizuki 13 August, 2012, 13:05

      Merci beaucoup !
      I hope you to uploaded it on youtube so I will feature it on FD !

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      • garlo
        garlo 13 August, 2012, 15:27

        de rien / Do itashi mashite te
        Of course I will put it on youtube, & you will be in the credits.
        But if you have “good sentences” in japanese or english, it will help …

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  73. PV
    PV 4 September, 2012, 06:12

    Nice job, keep it up!
    I have an information for you, did you know that AREVA Melox plant produced mox fuel for Chubu electric in 2012 ?

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  74. Alekseev Aleksander
    Alekseev Aleksander 7 September, 2012, 00:04

    Lori, please send me your e-mail in skype, my name in russian language Александр Алексеев.

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  75. jason
    jason 19 September, 2012, 16:05

    I saw your comment you had received no donations today [Sept 19, 2012]. I tried yesterday to make a donation several times and got an error from Paypal that I could not use my credit card, even though I have used it before for paypal. I just tried again now and got the same message. I am from the US. I don’t know if maybe other people are having the same problem?

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    • Mochizuki
      Mochizuki 22 September, 2012, 13:51

      !! Got it ! Thank you for the valuable info !! really appreciate it.

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    • Del Thomas
      Del Thomas 30 September, 2012, 15:08

      Like Iori, I use PayPal to process funds from my web site.

      For those who have problems making donations to Iori with PayPal, try using the Internet Explorer browser. PayPal did a system-software upgrade about 3 weeks ago and there are now problems with at least FireFox and Safari browsers. Maybe there are problems with other browsers as well. The most common symptom is that PayPal refuses to accept your credit card, even though you know it is a good card.

      If you have payment problems in the U.S., do a Google search for “PayPal customer service phone number” and call to report your troubles. They can often resolve the problem for you quickly, allowing you to make your donation. If you report your trouble, it also provides them with information as to which browsers, computers, etc., are having problems. That way, they can fix the problems. If you don’t report your trouble, they have no way of knowing that your credit card is being refused.

      In the meanwhile, Iori is losing valuable donations, in the same way that business on my retail web site is down about 50% right now, due to potential payments being refused by PayPal.

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  76. Christopher
    Christopher 26 October, 2012, 22:44

    Dear Iori-Mochizuki – Thank you for all you do. One quick question: Do you believe dangerous particles (which go in lungs) threaten people on East Coast of United States? How “dead” (really) is the United States? If that is true, 80% of USA will be gone in five years!!! MORE than Japan, due to Jetstream!!! Please share your opinion on this. Thank You.

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  77. Jimmy
    Jimmy 30 October, 2012, 21:49

    Dear Iori Mochizuki, It’s nice to know that there are people here in Japan who don’t believe everything they read in newspapers and watch on TV. The news corporations are safety buffers for governments and corporations. It’s a relief to get news from alternative networks. Thank you for your contribution to the community. Here is a link you may be interested in.


    It’s a documentary called “Why in the World Are They Spraying?” It has Japanese subtitles for non English speakers. Just click on the CAPTION button and choose your language. Thank again Mr. Mochizuki.

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  78. Heinrich
    Heinrich 8 November, 2012, 11:52

    Dear Iori Mochizuki

    thank you for your great efforts! Are you aware of couchsurfing.org? Could be a cheap way of trvelling. If you need an invitation to Germany please let me know.

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  79. D
    D 8 November, 2012, 13:37

    If you’re still in San Diego, and may need some assistance (besides cash, which i don’t have much of), email me. Not sure how i can help, but there may be something. I was trying to find you via the chat line, then realized i could just leave a message here.

    Have you been updated about the situation at the San Onofre nuclear plant just to the north of here? It had been shut down a while ago because of malfunctions, yet they are determined to restart a reactor even though they had not fixed the problem! Then they again encountered another problem, while operating it below full capacity. I don’t have any direct contacts for those who are organizing to put a stop to it, but i’m sure they’d love to get some words and info from you!

    Anyways, let me know if you need something, and i’ll see if i can help. Hope you enjoy your visit – at least to warm up!
    Happy trails

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  80. Florence
    Florence 21 November, 2012, 05:58


    Je vous remercie infiniment pour votre travail de relais et de diffusion de l’information sur ce qui se passe réellement au Japon. Grâce à vous on ne peut pas dire que l’on ne sait pas, ni qu’il ne se passe rien puisqu’on n’en parle pas.
    Votre travail nous est précieux.



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  81. Dan
    Dan 1 February, 2013, 10:46

    Who needs nuclear…here’s an idea i dreamed up and its a bit safer idea for producing power than fission.
    I would love to build and test a very large delta wing which could be towed to sea and anchored on a long cable of several kilometres length. Another vertical drive cable extends from a retractable cable drum within the centre point of the wing to the ocean floor. the wing also houses compartments carrying an inboard generator and control computer.
    When set into operation in an ocean current, ballast tanks neutralise the buoyancy and the computer controlled flight surfaces cause the wing to dive. The vertical drive cable retracts into the cable drum, causing the geared generator to spin. The wing gradually dives to the depths, with the drive cable retracting.
    The anchor cable holds the wing stationary in the current.
    When the wing reaches the lowest part of the dive, the computer causes the control surfaces to adjust, and the wing climbs in the current like a kite in a breeze, held in place by the long anchor cable some kilometres in front. The vertical drive cable runs out as the wing rises, causing the geared generator to spin.
    An attached floating radar buoy constantly monitors approaching sea traffic. The computer calculates the arrival time of any passing vessel and modifies the depth of the wing to place the unit close to the ocean floor during the intersection period, without reducing power output. The buoy is retracted for safety and the passing ship is monitored by sonar until it passes clear.
    The outward bound power line is attached to the main anchor line out front,. it follows down to the anchor and then leads off along the sea bed to land from that point. The wing can be brought to the surface for possible seasonal relocation and maintenance with the use of onboard ballast tanks.
    The whole unit could be several kilometres wide to maximise the potential from available sea currents. For ease of movement It could be transported in a swing wing configuration and easily rotated back into operating mode under its own power.
    I’d love some sort of grant to produce a more modest pilot unit but failing that, anyone with the means could test it. It would be great to see it working. I think it dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s.
    it’s silent. Non radioactive. Not an eyesore. Runs 24/7 in a permanent ocean current. Not affected by storms. Easily maintained and relocated. relatively high energy output. Low technology. Able to be duplicated many times in a reliable current. Very low installation costs, simply arrange two anchor points, roll out supply cable, wire into grid at landfall through a substation.
    Love your work lori, you’re doing a great job in keeping us informed. Thanks.

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  82. Florence V
    Florence V 6 February, 2013, 04:46

    Cher Iori,

    Je vous recommande ce documentaire, en français, sur la façon dont les américains se sont trouvés “contraints” (par le complexe militaro-industriel) de fabriquer puis utiliser la bmbe atomique, et les conséquences de ces bombes sur la population et la société japonaise jusqu’à Fukushima.


    Bien à vous,

    Florence V

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  83. Christoph
    Christoph 11 February, 2013, 15:13

    Fukushima conference in Academy of the Protestant Church in Germany (Evangelische Akademie) in Tutzing/Munich


    Who wants to join?

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  84. Yiu
    Yiu 14 March, 2013, 07:07

    I think this is an important initiative, what do you think ?


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  85. Tom
    Tom 22 June, 2013, 16:32

    I want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for the research and publishing that you are doing.
    If you have not been made aware, the San Onofre Nuclear Power Station in California, USA has initiated full shutdown according to http://www.rense.com , the LA Times, and other “news” outlets. I want to commend you for the stance you’ve taken, the risks you brave, and the positive changes that have happened, even this quickly. They can clearly be attributed to many, no doubt, but to you and the work you’ve done as well. You have helped to save COUNTLESS lives throughout the world and with the continued efforts of this community and other similar ones we can hopefully get this nuclear plague choking our planet under control and hopefully reduced to a memory for posterity to NEVER REPEAT.
    Thank you, sir. I wish you well on your journey and will donate as soon as finances allow.

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  86. Save our world
    Save our world 30 June, 2013, 12:39

    Stop it Japan. Save our world. The whole world is deceived by Japan.

    The Japanese army made fake video in case of the FUKUSHIMA disaster.

    Please analyze the fake video. And please think why the Japanese army made media broadcast the video.

    The hole which did not exist was recorded.

    There was no hole in the center of each UNIT1-4 before explosion. Exclude only UNIT2 after UNIT1 explosion. [UNIT1 explosion 3:36 p.m. on March 12, 2011]

    [Fake video which the Japanese army made. It was forged as the hole opened in the FUKUSHIMA nuclear power plant. [March 11, 2011]]

    [It was recorded on the TEPCO teleconference. UNIT1 explosion [3:36 p.m. on March 12, 2011] removed the blowout panel of UNIT2]

    English capture
    Japanese capture
    Original site

    English capture
    Original site

    English capture 1of2
    English capture 2of2
    English capture quality C
    Original site

    English capture
    Original site

    English capture
    Original site

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  87. M J Sperry
    M J Sperry 11 July, 2013, 19:35

    I came upon your site while viewing rense.com which has been covering Fukushima like no one else here in the U.S.

    I wrote somethig about a year ago entitled: “Tsunami Prevention” – it is the second to last article on my website: http://howtorescueamerica.org/ – It’s about a method by which Tsunami’s might be prevented. I tried to get it to Jeff Rense but email to him and other popular sites seem to go into a black hole these days.

    Possibly if you ran it Jeff and others might pick it up.

    PS: Your coverage is better than excellent. Keep up the good work/mac

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  88. Alex
    Alex 10 August, 2013, 18:57

    Dear Mochizuki-san,

    Thank you for your continuous efforts on reporting about this terrible disaster. You and the good people of Japan have a prominent place in my prayers.

    If translation in Dutch is required i’ll be more than happy to help.

    Kind regards

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  89. Peter
    Peter 27 August, 2013, 12:19

    I am following latest Typhoon KONG-REY, which might hit Fukushima province.

    A quick check of Typhoons in 2011/2012 didnt show one, that hit the province.

    What are the odds, that the spent fuel-rods structure can survive, say, 100+km/h gusts?

    Maybe you could do a posting about that in the following days, if KONG-REY stays “on track” to Fukushima.

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  90. Fix Fuku
    Fix Fuku 11 September, 2013, 16:43

    Hi Iori,
    Thanks for all your efforts in getting the truth out about Fukushima and it’s threat to all of us. I admire your courage and hard work.

    Here is a contribution to resolving the Fukushima problem. Please post the following to spread the word about this plan. Here’s the link to the blog that contains this plan: http://fixfukushima.blogspot.com/

    Please post the following to your blog/website:

    “In addition to the spread of the truth about Fukushima, a definite plan to solve the problems presented by this situation is needed at this time. Such a plan can give definite vision and purpose to those of us who want this situation resolved as soon as possible. The Plan is a common sense list of actions to be taken to stop the radiation and clean up Fukushima using current technology. This plan is the beginning of providing a direction we follow to resolve the problems of Fukushima.”

    Thanks and continued good health to you.

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  91. gabriel
    gabriel 16 September, 2013, 08:34

    Hi Iori, i´m planing to go to morioka in Iwate this November, to visit some friends. The radiation level is safe? maybe safe for spending a month there? Do you have any recomendations about something as a particular food i shouldnt eat?..thankyou

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    • :amadeu-joseph: moisl
      :amadeu-joseph: moisl 10 October, 2013, 09:17

      It is said that people who used to eat rice balls made with nori(not so good idea) and gemmai (brown rice) and misosoup could survive hiroshima bombing unscathed.
      Yet today a video about a woman who got the radioactive cancer (leukemia 2 or smth) diagnosis 61 years later, the sickness broke out more than half a century later 😮

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  92. Fix Fuku
    Fix Fuku 20 September, 2013, 20:42

    Hi Iori,

    Below is the link to “Staying Healthy During the Radiation onslaught”. I was wondering if you would post it? https://sites.google.com/site/fixfukushima/stay-healthy-during-the-radiation-onslaught.

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  93. ligue chrétienne France
    ligue chrétienne France 6 October, 2013, 10:43

    Technology existe !


    Some months ago i stated that it was already too late for humans workers in fukushima plants. so i propose some plans HOW TO MANAGE …



    Even an article HOW TO PURIFY THE WASTE WATER on fukushima plants EXTRACT Cs fom waste water…

    strategic management of technology

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  94. Edwin van Rossum
    Edwin van Rossum 15 October, 2013, 04:11

    Children of the Sun Foundation organizes a global transmutation meditationperiod regarding the nuclear accident at Fukushima (starting on October the 18th 2013).

    See for more info: https://childrenofthesun.org/fukushima/

    Edwin van Rossum

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  95. Magnus
    Magnus 24 October, 2013, 07:49

    Domo arigato Mochizuki san.
    Thanks for Fukushima Diary.
    I hope we both are still alive after Tepco tries to move the rods.

    western canada

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  96. cb
    cb 25 October, 2013, 20:23


    Your coverage of Fukushima has been without comparison. You have been an amasing source for information. But lately you have turned angry and the text about mass media shouldn’t follow you is counter productive. I understand your frustration, it contradict what you have constantly said you wanted: The international world to wake up and pressure Japan.

    If you want recognition for your great efforts, there are other ways. I.e. there are lawyers who will protect your information, if profitable newsmedia use your info without permission. It may be a source of income to maintain your living?! Maybe you wanna consider to get backing for your site, so you can stay independent and provide the insights we all need. We are many who will support you.

    Stay strong!


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  97. Dirk S
    Dirk S 22 November, 2013, 19:51

    Happy Birthday to your 30th Birthday!!

    You are doing very important work and you are doing it well.
    It’s a shame for our society, that someone who does such important work for Japan and the world has such problems financing himself, while people ruining Fukushima, the vicinity and perhaps even the Pacific Ocean earn millions.

    Thank you very much for your work!


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  98. Clelia Ifrim
    Clelia Ifrim 1 December, 2013, 06:50

    Dear Iori
    On Amazon and my blog there is my book My LovedJapan -haiku about disaster from March 2011.
    It is in Romanian,English,French and Mr.Hidenori Hiruta from Akita International trnslated it into Japanese.
    It is Best Books of 2011.(The Japan Times

    Thank you very for your diary,
    Clelia Ifrim

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  99. otis-a
    otis-a 20 December, 2013, 08:03

    good reporting. is a grave situation kudoz to those trying to fix the mess. no need to post this comment. have reposted your articles & recommended your page here https://www.facebook.com/22fukushima22

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  100. Marcus
    Marcus 5 January, 2014, 02:10

    Greetings from Shizuoka. I’d like to do a youtube video about the situation. I’m interested in the the hazards, the politics, the mafia’s history with the nuclear industry, and the media blackout about research of hazards. I don’t see this video assuming the role of a scientific information source. I’m not an expert and have no place stating hearsay as facts. Nor am I a person who is knowledgeable enough about the sciences to differentiate between fact and fiction. So, I’d rather it be a news source that will make people ask questions and hopefully demand answers. With that, I’m curious what questions you feel are the most important to be answered. Cheers.

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